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Guide:Nicholas the Traveler Farming

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This page is designed to document effective ways of acquiring the items needed for Gifts of the Traveler from Nicholas the Traveler. See Guide:Nicholas the Traveler Farming/Template for specifics on modifying information on individual items.

Current item

Collecting 3 Frigid Mandragor Husks per gift
Located in Norrhart Domains directly east of the exit to Drakkar Lake and northwest of the exit to Gunnar's Hold (Far Shiverpeaks).

Next week's item

Collecting 3 Bolts of Linen per gift
Located in Traveler's Vale next to Iron Horse Mine (Shiverpeaks)
  • Since the Rare Material Trader will likely be sold out, Bolts of Linen are easily created using 75 plant fibers at an Artisan.



  • The Traveler often won't appear if quests are active in the area.
  • Previous farming methods can be found in the archive.

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