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Guide:Nicholas the Traveler Farming

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This page is designed to document effective ways of acquiring the items needed for Gifts of the Traveler from Nicholas the Traveler. See Guide:Nicholas the Traveler Farming/Template for specifics on modifying information on individual items.

Current item

Collecting 1 Mahgo Claw per gift
Located in Perdition Rock west of Ember Light Camp (Ring of Fire Islands)
  • Farm Elementalist Mahgo Hydrae.
    • Methods:
      • Kill the Mahgo Hydras outside the Ember Light Camp - you can pull groups of 2-3 with a bow out of the patrol loop into a corner. Soloing them should be easy with a 55hp with anti-kd.

Next week's item

Guide:Nicholas the Traveler Farming/Mantid Pincers



  • The Traveler often won't appear if quests are active in the area.
  • Previous farming methods can be found in the archive.

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