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E/A Assassin's Promise ElementalistE/A Glimmering Rajazan FarmerE/A HA Shockwaver
E/A Searing Fastfoot FarmerE/Me General Obsidian Flesh FarmerE/Me Imperial Sanctum Runner
E/Me Obsidian Flesh Beach FarmerE/Me Obsidian Flesh City FarmerE/Me Obsidian Flesh Vaettir Farmer
E/Mo 330hp Elementalist FarmerE/Mo ER Infuse BonderE/Mo ER Prot Hero
E/Mo Mind Burn ElementalistE/Mo Shockwave Undead FarmerE/N Ether Renewal Orders
E/N GvG Blinding SurgeE/N GvG Mind Shock ElementalistE/N RA BSurge
E/P Arenas Searing FlamesE/P Arenas UG NukerE/Rt HA Ether Prism Healer
E/Rt Standard Water ElementalistE/Rt Vengeful Earth FarmerE/any Arenas EA Air Elementalist
E/any Arenas Stoned SpammerE/any Dust and Feather FarmerE/any EA Fire Nuker
E/any EA Lightning NukerE/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2007)E/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2008)
E/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2009)E/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2010)E/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2011)
E/any Gust Air EleE/any HA BSurgeE/any HA Double Dragon
E/any HA Mind BlastE/any HA UG ElementalistE/any Invoke Elementalist
E/any June and July FluxE/any Mind Blast ElementalistE/any Mist Form Support
E/any PvE BsurgeE/any RA Mind ShockE/any Savannah Heat Elementalist
E/any Searing Flames ElementalistE/any Shatterstone HeroE/any Stone Sheath Elementalist