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Build:A/E Wastrel's Collapse Assassin

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This build is part of the current metagame.

This build has also received an overall rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

A powerful spike sin using Wastrel's Collapse for shadowstepping/snaring/kd'ing and a Conjure for boosted damage.


Infrequently seen as a part of split builds, usually replacing a split elementalist..

Attributes and Skills

Template code


  • Full Saboteur's or Blessed
  • Minor runes of Dagger Mastery and Critical Strikes
  • Runes of Restoration and Clarity
  • Shocking/Zealous/Vampiric Daggers of Defense (15/ench).
  • 40/20/20 Air Staff
  • Defensive Shield Sets.
  • Equipment template for Blessed : (don't forget to create all weapon sets)
The Equipment Template for this build is:


  • Maintain Conjure.
  • Use Wastrel's Collapse to KD and shadowstep to targets, using it during the aftercast of a skill will guarantee a KD.
  • Use your chain as you see fit.
  • Dash to zoom zoom.


  • Enchantment Removal.
  • Anti-Melee.
  • Anti-KD.