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Build:A/any Flashing Blades Farmer

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The PvXwiki community finds this to be a good build.

Through the PvX vetting system, it has reached an overall Rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Multi purpose Assassin build that can be used to farm mobs in PvE through redirected damage from Flashing Blades while spamming attack chains.

Attributes and Skills

Template code

AssassinShadow Arts:

  • Shroud of Distress Shroud of Distress
  • Dark Escape Dark Escape
  • Death's Charge Death's Charge
  • Way of Perfection Way of Perfection
  • Shadow Refuge Shadow Refuge

AssassinCritical Strikes:

  • Critical Eye Critical Eye
  • Critical Defenses Critical Defenses

AssassinDagger Mastery:

  • Wild Strike Wild Strike
  • Golden Lotus Strike Golden Lotus Strike

MonkHealing Prayers: (set to 10)

  • Vigorous Spirit Vigorous Spirit
  • Live Vicariously Live Vicariously

NecromancerBlood Magic: (set to 8 or 10)

  • Blood Bond Blood Bond
  • Demonic Flesh Demonic Flesh

DervishEarth Prayers: (set to 8)

  • Mystic Regeneration Mystic Regeneration


  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!"
  • Brawling Headbutt Brawling Headbutt
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Honor
  • "Finish Him!" "Finish Him!"
  • Radiation Field Radiation Field
  • Mental Block Mental Block
  • Asuran Scan Asuran Scan



  • Equip defensive weapon set.
  • Grab aggro (under Dark Escape if taken).
  • Activate and maintain your defensive skills, switch to your daggers, and auto attack for a few seconds to regain any health/energy if necessary.
  • Spam Dagger attacks until everything is dead.


  • Blind
  • Anti-Melee hexes
  • Enchantment interruption or stripping
  • Stance removal

Farming Locations

Boss farms are noted with their profession icon



  • Shiro (NM) Use Wild Strike instead of Fox Fangs
  • AssassinTahkayun Tsi (HM)
    • First you'll need to kill the two Mantid Drones on your way to the boss, their damage can be dangerous
    • Bring Vigorous Spirit and Critical Eye
    • A longbow for pulling is highly recommended
  • RangerJin the Skull Bow. Pull with a longbow and draw her to the pillar - this brings her out of spawn range of her bodyguards while the pillar will defend you from projectiles until you apply all the enchants. (HM)
  • MonkZiinjuu Life Crawler. Bring IMS and let your HP regenerate to at least 50% before pulling the boss. (HM)


Eye of the North

Display the associated title in each region


Asterius the Mighty