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Build:Any/Rt Feather Farmer

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The PvXwiki community finds this to be an excellent build.

Through the PvX vetting system, it has reached an overall rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This is a Feather Farming build for any Profession in Normal Mode.

Skills and Attributes

Template code


At best the core four skills will spike an entire mob. At worst you will have one or two leftover Sensali. The optional skills offered are to speed up your run (in terms of IMS and cleaning up stragglers with stronger spikes) or to increase survivability (some builds can easily take two mobs at once). Note: Any/Rt attribute levels are based on using a superior rune of that type.

  • It is highly recommended to bring one IMS and one extra spiking skill For example: Drunken Master Drunken Master for IMS and Light of Deldrimor Light of Deldrimor for better spikes. Survivability skills are mostly important if new to feather-farming or aggroing two mobs.

For Eye of the North:

  • Drunken Master Drunken Master - For IMS (w/ Dwarven Stability: 111-180 seconds) (Note: even at the lowest rank you can maintain perma-IMS so you can drop Dwarven Stability)
  • Light of Deldrimor Light of Deldrimor - For a quicker spike with less-to-no stragglers leftover
  • Great Dwarf Armor Great Dwarf Armor - For greater health and armor
  • Mindbender Mindbender - If you're taking a quick-recharge IMS (i.e. Natural Stride Natural Stride or Dash Dash), then add this for perma-IMS (w/ +20% Enchantments: 12-19 seconds)
  • Technobabble Technobabble, Alkar's Alchemical Acid Alkar's Alchemical Acid, Snow Storm Snow Storm - If compared to LoD above, pros: half the recharge time; cons: double energy cost, slightly slower cast, less damage

For Ranger with 7 in Wilderness Survival:

  • Natural Stride Natural Stride - Useful if Drunken Master or booze is unavailable (w/ Dwarven Stability: 6-8 seconds or 9-12 seconds with 10 in Wilderness)
  • Serpent's Quickness Serpent's Quickness - Can speed up Dwarven Stability or VwK recharge (Note: This stance will cancel active IMS stances)
  • Troll Unguent Troll Unguent - If attempting to aggro more than one group with a quick spike

For Mesmer with 7 in Domination or Illusion:

  • Wastrel's Demise Wastrel's Demise - Stronger spike (Note: Combines well with Unnatural Signet Unnatural Signet
  • Clumsiness Clumsiness or Wandering Eye Wandering Eye - Stronger spikes

For Assassin with 7 in Shadow Arts:

  • Dark Escape Dark Escape - Useful if Drunken Master or booze is unavailable (w/ Dwarven Stability: 15-20 seconds or 18-24 seconds with 10 in Shadow Arts)
  • Dash Dash - Like Dark Escape but faster speed at a higher energy use (w/ Dwarven Stability: 4-6 seconds)
  • Unseen Fury Unseen Fury - If taking too much damage (Note: very hard to pull off proper spike unless using Light of Deldrimor because blinded foes can't trigger VwK)
  • Shroud of Distress Shroud of Distress - If attempting to aggro more than one group with a quick spike
  • Shadow Refuge Shadow Refuge - Like SoD above but with a faster recharge and without <50 health mod
  • Feigned Neutrality Feigned Neutrality - More used if you rarely mess-up but want a quick safety net just in case

For Elementalist with 7 in Fire Magic:

  • Flame Djinn's Haste Flame Djinn's Haste - Good against stragglers and rechargeable IMS to next group (w/ +20% Enchantments: 13 seconds)
  • Inferno Inferno - Good for stragglers
  • Flame Burst Flame Burst - Same as Inferno but with half the recharge time and at a higher energy cost (Note: The difference in damage is negligible)
  • Bed of Coals Bed of Coals - Same as Inferno but with a longer recharge

For Monk with 7 in Smiting:

  • Retribution Retribution - Faster spikes
  • Balthazar's Spirit Balthazar's Spirit - If having Energy problems
  • Essence Bond Essence Bond - If having Energy problems

For Warrior with 7 in Tactics:

  • Whirlwind Attack Whirlwind Attack - Faster spikes (Use Cyclone Axe Cyclone Axe, Crude Swing Crude Swing, or "To the Limit!" "To the Limit!" to build adrenaline)
  • Soldier's Speed Soldier's Speed - 15% IMS (w/ Dwarven Stability: 15-20 seconds)

For Dervish with 7 in Earth Prayers:

  • Dust Cloak Dust Cloak and Staggering Force Staggering Force - Provide stronger spikes

Template Codes


  • A/Rt Owhj8NhsIT3lqiEMWMOOeTRQuMA


  • Rt/R OAKjgphsIS3l/aEMIHWMOOeT+GA
  • Rt/A OAeiEyiIdXOBRwEBZx444NdABA



  • Maxed Armor
  • At least 25 Energy for main spike


  • Survivor Insignias (if taking too much damage) or Radiant Insignias (for lower energy professions). Can run easily with at least 440 health at 60 AR (or 400 at 70 AR) and 35 energy.
  • Staff with high energy (+15, +5 = +20 Energy) and 20% HSR


This is the route for the farm.


  • Waiting too long with VwK.
  • Over aggroing



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