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Build:Any/Rt Spirit Farmer

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This build is part of the current metagame.

This build has also received an overall rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Uses spirits to solo farm small mobs in many areas.

Attributes & Skills

Template code

  • Rangers, Elementalists, and Necromancers should invest 8+1+1 points into their primary attribute. This bar already has attributes modified to reflect this.
  • Other professions should dump the extra points into Channeling, or into an attribute line which they can use skills that may have use to them.

Template Codes:

  • Warrior OQgjAihqoSXT+glTfTnNQTbiAAA
  • Ranger OggkchgYoKq01kPY5030ZD00mIAA
  • Monk OwgjAihqoSXT+glTfTnNQTbiAAA
  • Necromancer OAhjAihqoSXT+glTfTnNQTbiAAA
  • Mesmer OQhjAihqoSXT+glTfTnNQTbiAAA
  • Elementalist OghjAihqoSXT+glTfTnNQTbiAAA
  • Assassin OwhjAihqoSXT+glTfTnNQTbiAAA
  • Dervish OgijAihqoSXT+glTfTnNQTbiAAA
  • Paragon OQijAihqoSXT+glTfTnNQTbiAAA

Ritualist primary

Template code


  • +20 energy staff (Example: Staff of the Forgotten).
  • Defensive caster weapon and shield sets.
  • Flatbow/Longbow for pulling.


  • Spread your spirits out in a line or an arc. Set Bloodsong and Vampirism near the front to take the brunt of damage. Set Shadowsong behind the other spirits if there is melee.
  • Use Armor of Unfeeling and Spiritleech Aura before pulling mobs.
  • Reproduce spirits as they die, try to keep a wall between yourself and enemies.
  • Try renewing Armor of Unfeeling and Spiritleech Aura after you reproduce your spirits.


Whatever you find useful depending on the primary and secondary profession used.

  • Signet of Ghostly Might Signet of Ghostly Might if dual farming with another Ritualist.
  • Ritual Lord Ritual Lord if dual farming with another Ritualist.
  • Soul Twisting Soul Twisting if dual farming with another Ritualist.
  • Symbolic Celerity Symbolic Celerity with Fast Casting for mesmer and ritualist signets.
  • Painful Bond Painful Bond for more damage from spirits
  • Dulled Weapon Dulled Weapon for added defense for spirits
  • Anguish Anguish can replace Spiritleech Aura if you are taking Painful Bond and Signet of Ghostly Might
  • Summon Spirits Summon Spirits (Kurzick) can replace Spiritleech Aura and Ritual Lord in areas where you have room to move (not recommended in areas with high amounts of AoE).
  • Spirit Siphon Spirit Siphon for reliable energy management
  • Drunken Master Drunken Master for quick movement over long distances.
  • Ebon Escape Ebon Escape for reliable panic button
  • Pain Inverter Pain Inverter to swiftly farm any boss that has AoE attacks/spells.

Farmable Areas


Normal Mode

Hard Mode


  • Ritualist's Construct outside Unwaking Waters (kurzick)
    • Drop Armor of Unfeeling and Spirit Leach Aura, take Anguish, Painful Bond, and "Finish Him!". Communing 12, Channeling Magic 12
    • Bring a longbow for pulling the boss, do not aggro the afflicted group
    • Pull the boss towards the outpost gate to get clear of the afflicted
    • Spam your spirits (start with Shadowsong) then hex the boss, use FH when he goes below 50%


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