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Build:D/N PvP March Signet of Suffering

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This build is provisionally vetted Great pending more votes.

Through the PvX vetting system, it has reached an overall Rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0. The provisional rating is Great. If you have experience with this build, please rate it.

This build has been designed for the following use:

A Hidden Talent Flux replacement for the popular Signet of Suffering Blood Necromancer, designed to spread pressure and provide spike assists while being usable as a split threat and midline flag runner.

Attributes and Skills

Template code
Variable skill slot

  • Resurrection Signet Resurrection Signet
  • Rend Enchantments Rend Enchantments – defense against Zurrie dervishes, counter builds with multiple elementalists by rending attunements.
  • Blood Renewal Blood Renewal – easier split defense, easier flag running through pushing rangers.
  • Conviction Conviction – easy flag running through pushing rangers. Especially useful on frozen isle. Drop mysticism to 10+1+1, increase earth prayers to 8+1.
  • Watchful Intervention Watchful Intervention – increased team stability in 8v8 and skirmish situations.

Variant: Random Arenas

  • Watchful Intervention Watchful Intervention – replace Pious Haste. Combine with Resurrection Signet.


Runes and insignias

  • 5 blessed insignias.
  • Rune of superior vigor.
  • 3 runes of vitae.
  • No rune of restoration as it decreases the duration of bleeding you inflict on targets by 20% (3 seconds), decreasing the total damage dealt with each inflicted bleeding roughly by 18 from 91 to 73.


  • Barbed spear of defense, 10%hct with a blood magic focus of aptitude with "Forget me not!"". Spread bleeding with Dark Pact.
  • 40/40 blood magic. For non-bleeding-spread blood magic skill usage.
  • High energy set blood magic.
  • Barbed or heavy spear of defense, 10%hrt with
    • Strength shield of fortitude, -20% cripple duration.
    • Strength shields of fortitude, +10 armor against each damage type.

Additional weapons


General combat

  • Prepare Signet of Suffering so your next targeted necromancer spell inflicts bleeding.
    • Spread it on different targets instead of focusing on one. Use Dark Pact to do so.
    • Bleeding is applied before Oppressive Gaze checks for conditions on the target, so you can inflict all conditions in one cast.
    • Prefer not to combine with Life Siphon so healing the condition or hex won't undo the other's pressure aswell.
  • Spread life siphon as much as possible.
    • Monks usually spare their hex removal for more threatening hexes and thus allow you to deal full pressure with this hex.
    • Make sure to maintain it on characters which might push on your flag running character or NPCs, mainly ranger and dervish.
  • Use oppressive gaze for weakness.
    • If the opponent has a Flesh Wound Paragon, weaken him. Note that you should be running flags against such a team with priority.
    • Else, weaken warriors.
    • When playing fully offensively, put it on the Restore Condition Prot as he can't remove the conditions from self.
  • Use Strip Enchantment depending on the match situation.
    • Against elementalist heavy builds, strip attunements for the first few minutes so they run low on energy.
    • Follow the call of your frontliners: Remove prots so they can further pressure a target or remove prots on spikes.
    • In split skirmishes and split defense, save it for Mystic Regeneration (PvP) or Healing Breeze.
  • Use dark pact for bleeding spreading, spike assistance and pressuring targets in skirmishes/split defense.
  • Use Eremite's Zeal to gain energy.

Flag running

  • Keep signet of suffering prepared.
  • Dodge Melandru's Shot.
    • Stop moving by using your stop action key (standard: escape).
    • Stop moving by casting a skill.
    • If you brought Conviction getting crippled won't be an issue as you can remove the condition right away or it runs out after a few seconds.
  • Pressure pushing rangers and decrease the pressure put on yourself by applying life siphon.
    • If a pushing ranger does not have Troll Unguent, start pressuring him with your other damage skills and call a team member to collapse on him for a kill.
    • Some rangers chain an interrupt so they'll interrupt you if you try to hex them immediately when in casting range.
  • Selfheal with Blood Renewal if you brought it and make sure that it won't get interrupted.
    • The aftercast delay of ranger interruption skills allows to safely cast a spell right after an interruption has been used.
    • Use it when the ranger uses Melandru's shot.
    • Use oppressive gaze on the ranger, cast during his Mending Touch.
    • If necessary, fake out interruptions. As the skill only requires one point of energy you can afford faking a lot.


  • General Anti-Caster.
  • Disabling of Dark Pact.


Comparison with an unfluxed standard necromancer


  • Higher base armour level and better armour insignias.
  • More health points.
  • Better energy management in 8v8 and skirmish situations.
  • Additional utility skill choices.
  • Runs 10% faster.


  • More health points mean larger health sacrifices.
  • Worse energy management in 1v1 situations.
  • Minimally decreased pressure due to lacking Angorodon's Gaze.

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