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Build:D/any Arenas Pious Dervish

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The PvXwiki community finds this to be a good build.

Through the PvX vetting system, it has reached an overall Rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Use Pious Renewal as enchantment fodder for powerful skills while providing yourself with a steady stream of small self-heals and energy.

Attributes and Skills

12 + 2
12 + 1 + 1
Template code

  • Irresistible Sweep (PvP) Irresistible Sweep (PvP) - removes a stance and is unblockable.
  • Rending Sweep Rending Sweep - free enchantment removal coupled with damage.
  • Lyssa's Assault Lyssa's Assault - interrupt with disable.
  • Chilling Victory Chilling Victory - good amounts of damage.
  • Mystic Sweep Mystic Sweep - fast-activation attack with decent conditional damage.
  • Victorious Sweep Victorious Sweep - spammable damage.
  • Vow of Piety Vow of Piety - extra protection. Use 3 Wind Prayers.


  • Use an optional skill over Resurrection Signet in AB & FA.
  • Enchanted Haste Enchanted Haste over Pious Haste Pious Haste if you want to avoid canceling your IAS. Note the slower speed.


  • Survivor's Insignias
  • Vampiric/Zealous/Ebon Scythe of Defense 15^50
  • Various Defensive Sets


  • Maintain Pious Renewal so it is always ready for teardowns, Pious Fury and Pious Haste.


  • Anything that stops Pious Renewal from being used when necessary:
    • Signet of Humility: as long as Pious Renewal was already active, this is not an issue as the next time it is removed the skill will recharge.
  • Melee-hate.