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Build:D/any Gates of Kryta HM Farmer

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The PvXwiki community finds this to be a great build.

This build has received an overall rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

PVE build for farming the start of Gates of Kryta in HM. Utilizes heavy holy AoE damage to quickly kill the undead.


D/any - Avatar of Balthazar

Template code
Optional Optional

Options for slot 1

  • Whirlwind Attack Whirlwind Attack - Hits every foe around you. Combined with mystic vigor, can fully refill your HP in one blow and, with a zealous scythe, fill your energy.
  • Crippling Victory Crippling Victory Can be used to spam reap impurities.
  • Chilling Victory Chilling Victory - Very nice AoE damage even if not Holy damage.
  • Aura of Holy Might Aura of Holy Might (Kurzick) - boosts AoE damage.
  • Heart of Fury Heart of Fury - IAS.
  • Veil of Thorns Veil of Thorns - to mitigate Death Nova damage.
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Honor

Options for slot 4

  • Conviction Conviction - Short duration to trigger burning effect from AoB.
  • Mystic Regeneration Mystic Regeneration - Reliable regen.


  • Maintain enchantments and Avatar of Balthazar. Always use Extend Enchantments before Mirage Cloak for permanent upkeep.
  • Avatar of Balthazar will provide armor, adrenaline and holy damage. It will also apply burning at enchantments ending for you to use reap impurities.
  • You will suffer from Poison, cripple, bleeding, deep wound = -7 degen. Conviction will provide +12 regen. so a positive +5
  • You should recover 75 Hp per attack and around 250hp if you are using whirlwind attack.
  • Use Reap Impurities after Sand Shards expires.

D/any - Pious Renewal

12 + 1
12 + 1 + 2
Template code
Optional Optional

Options for slot 6

  • Conviction Conviction 3+1 in earth prayers.
  • Mystic Regeneration Mystic Regeneration - 3+1 in earth prayers. 4 or more total enchantments must maintained.
  • Pious Haste Pious Haste to make it faster to the spot
  • Eremite's Attack Eremite's Attack Attack all adjacent + triggers teardown

Options for slot 7

  • Great Dwarf Armor Great Dwarf Armor
  • Vow of Piety Vow of Piety
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!"

*Optional: slot 7 & 8

  • Extend Enchantments Extend Enchantments + Mirage Cloak Mirage Cloak (Set Scythe to 12+1, Mysticism to 9+1, and Earth Prayers to 9+1+3) - Great for Perma blocking with higher chance of block over Mental Block.


  • This concept is based on spamming teardown skills to trigger Aura of Holy Might and deal 50 AoE dmg each time.
  • Maintain skills 4,5,7,8. Also Conviction or Mystic Regeneration if you have it
  • Spam Pious Renewal Pious Renewal + Twin Moon Sweep Twin Moon Sweep
  • Pious Renewal Pious Renewal + Pious Fury Pious Fury
    • If you are having trouble with energy management or timing, Heart of Fury Heart of Fury can be taken instead of Pious Fury Pious Fury.


  • Avatar of Balthazar requires Zealous scythe with +20% enchant duration.
  • You can use any scythe with Pious Renewal build (20% enchant duration is advised tho).
  • Windwalker Insignia
    • Blessed or Sentry's can be used with slightly more risk (the main threatening damage is armor-ignoring anyway)


Part 1

  • Start the mission and take the hidden path behind the little house on the left.
  • Aggro + pop what you can and try to stand in a narrow place so the foes can hardly run away.
  • The best spot would be where you can pile the corpses without letting the necromancers be in range of those. Otherwise they will raise 2 minions per corpse and put Death Nova on them. Death Nova being the only threat of the farm.

Part 2

This part is optional and depends if you deem it profitable and ethical enough.

  • After killing all the foes, you can continue along the path to find a group with a necromancer, 4 hellhounds and a ranger.
  • Then there are 6 inanimate foes which will not fight back even when being hit. (seems like a bug)
  • continue forward and enter a cave with 3 necromancer and 6 hellhounds. don't stay too long near the entrance because of patrolling group with mesmers in it. (mesmers have fragility and ineptitude)


Avatar of Balthazar

Pious Renewal


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