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Build:E/A Glimmering Rajazan Farmer

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This build is currently being tested.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build uses Glimmering Mark to farm Cultist Rajazan for the Rajazan's Fervor.

Attributes and Skills

12 + 1 + 3
12 + 1
Template code


  • High energy staff of enchanting is preferred.
  • Radiant, Survivor, or Blessed Insignias.
  • Runes of Vitae or Attunement and a Vigor rune.


  • Use Dash and Storm Djinns Haste to run to Rajazan. Heal as needed with Shadow Sanctuary.
  • During the run, use Spirit Walk to shadow step to spirits of Famine.
  • Use the direction for running on this page.
  • When you get to Rajazan place Battle Standard of Honor around at the spirit to boost damage upon returning to the spirit. Positioning of the ward is extremely important.
  • Use GoEP, walk into range, and use Glimmering Mark on Rajazan.
  • Quickly use Spirit Walk on the spirit of Winds and use Dash to break aggro if needed.
  • Go back and use Glimmering Mark again with GoEP.

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