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Build:E/D HA Invoke Lightning

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This build is part of the current metagame.

The community has decided this build is in the current metagame and deserves to be stored. It has not yet received a rating through the PvXwiki vetting system.

This build has been designed for the following use:

An Air Elementalist designed to pump out damage or assist in spikes whilst maintaining strong defence.


  • Common in HA.

Attributes and Skills

Template code

Usually ran on 2 elementalist. One high, one low. Or one high and a water elementalist for low.

  • Pious Concentration (for the high snare)
  • Resurrection Signet (for the low snare)



  • 2x Pyromancer Insignia
  • 3x Aeromancer Insignia
  • Superior Vigor
  • Restoration
  • Vitae


  • Earth Wand 20/20
  • Earth Focus 20/20
  • Spear with +5e, 20% enchanting
  • Shields of Fortitude, +10 armor vs each damage type



  • general Anti-Caster.
  • Enchantment removal.

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