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Build:E/Mo Mind Shock Split Ele

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This build is currently being tested.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds. If you are the author of this build, you may wish to add this page to your watchlist if you haven't already.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Knock things down. Run in conjunction with a Mind Burn ele.


  • Commonly seen as one of the split eles in the strongest split build (dual ele).

Attributes and Skills

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  • Teinai's Wind Teinai's Wind can be taken in place of Blinding Flash Blinding Flash for a very high damage nuke/interrupt when splitting with a fire ele at the cost of being weaker in skirmishes involving physicals.



  • 5x Blessed Insignia
  • Superior Vigor
  • Air rune (Major/Superior Air are preferable)
  • Minor Energy Storage
  • Restoration
  • Vitae


  • Air Wand of Memory, 20% cast time
  • Air Focus of Aptitude, 20% recharge
  • Air Wand of Memory, +15/-1 energy
  • Energy Storage Focus of Fortitude, +15/-1 energy
  • Adept Air Staff of Enchanting, 20% cast time
  • Spear of Defense, +5 energy or 10% recharge or 10% cast time
  • Strength Shield of Fortitude, -20% cripple
  • Strength Shields of Fortitude, +10 armor vs each damage type


  • Maintain Air Attunement, cover with Aura of Restoration.
  • Use Shell Shock on targets being focused and on spikes. Take advantage of the conditional AoE when attacking balled NPCs.
  • Knock targets (spike targets or a monk, depending on situation) down with Mind Shock.
  • Blind defensively as needed.
  • Use Patient Spirit and Windborne Speed to support your team. Avoid overlapping Patient if a healing monk is in the vicinity.


  • Enchantment Removal.
  • General Anti-Caster.
  • Exhaustion
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