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Build:E/Mo Shockwave Undead Farmer

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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is used for farming undead in the mission Gates Of Kryta.

Attributes and Skills

Template code



  • When the mission starts, cast Mending and Balthazar's Spirit.
  • Walk straight ahead until you can go left trough a wooden fence.
  • You will see Oink.
  • Go through the other wooden fence, and walk behind the house.
  • When you walk down, you will see a Hellhound. When the Hellhound notices you, Grasping Ghouls will spawn.
  • Now cast Sliver Armor and Stoneflesh Aura.
  • Use Shockwave and Aftershock.
  • After you killed the Hellhound, even more Undeads will spawn. Maintain Stoneflesh Aura.
  • When your health is reaching low use Healing Breeze.
  • When you killed them all, collect your loot.


  • Armor of Earth is only useful in Hard Mode.
  • Be sure to have a Of Enchanting Weapon with 19 or 20% to maintain Stoneflesh Aura.
  • If you want more undead, run to the ledge where you can see the mobs below on the right side of the house. Continue running to the right until you see all the extra mobs pop in.
  • If you "talk" to Oink on your way there, he tags along and helps you fight! Seeing as he's level 20, he can be quite helpful when killing the last surviving monster.


  • NM:
    • Crappy golds (merch for 190g or so)
    • Dyes
    • Gold
    • Random items
  • HM:
    • Perfect golds
    • Dyes
    • Gold
    • Tomes





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