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Build:E/any Earth Magic Hero

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This build is in the testing phase.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds.

This build has been designed for the following use:

An Anti-Melee Support Earth Elementalist Hero build for those who cannot use Mercenary Heroes or Razah as an Illusion Mesmer. Powerful in Hard Mode due to enemies moving faster which will trigger the Knockdown on Churning Earth.

Attributes and Skills

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Elite skill variants:

  • Stone Sheath Stone Sheath – extra Weakness and a nice defensive buff if you're melee as the Player.
  • Elemental Attunement Elemental Attunement – extra energy to allow you to run more damage skills in the second set of optionals.
  • Sandstorm Sandstorm – rarely used for low-man areas or caster-heavy areas where the KD from Unsteady Ground is unnecessary. You should probably run a different hero instead of taking this elite.

Variable skill slots:

  • Damage
    • Obsidian Flame Obsidian Flame – high DPS, however the hero is likely to exhaust himself if not supervised.
    • Earthquake Earthquake – Earthquake is a more realistic overcast skill than Obsidian Flame, despite its higher energy cost.
  • Control
    • Magnetic Aura Magnetic Aura – Magnetic Aura adds a strong party-wide block and cover enchantment while overcast.
    • Eruption Eruption – Expensive but Blind can be very useful.
    • Ash Blast Ash Blast – A much more reliable Blind if you have Burning elsewhere on the team.
    • Stoning Stoning – A nice knockdown as Weakness will be widely applied via Stone Sheath or Necromancer's Enfeebling Blood.
  • Support
    • "Fall Back!" "Fall Back!" – Helps moving around the map if fights are already short.
    • "Stand Your Ground!" "Stand Your Ground!" – Bonus Armor is very strong, if you're not using "Save Yourselves!"
    • "Never Surrender!" "Never Surrender!" – Useful slot filler if you've already allocated Command Attributes.
    • Ward Against Melee Ward Against Melee – Extremely strong, however Heroes tend to kite out of the area.
    • Ward of Stability Ward of Stability – Extremely strong, however Heroes tend to kite out of the area.


  • 5x Blessed Insignias
  • 2x Rune of Vitae
  • Superior Vigor
  • 40/40 Earth Magic
  • 20% Enchanting Staff if running Stone Sheath


  • Interrupts
  • KD immunity


Since there are a lot of high-cooldown spells this hero can spend a decent amount of time wanding, especially if their spells get interrupted.

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