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Build:E/any Thunderclap Hero

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This build is currently being tested.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

This hero deals decent damage in a small area utilizing air magic to apply cracked armor and further bypass an opponent's armor level with armor penetration. Additional midline defense is provided with weakness condition and interrupts.

Attributes and Skills

12 + 1 + 3
12 + 1
Template code


  • Lightning Surge Lightning Surge against boss foes.

Optional damage spells:

  • Teinai's Wind Teinai's Wind if burning is provided by the team.
  • Lightning Strike Lightning Strike against boss foes or if foes don't burn.

Optional utility skills:

  • Glyph of Lesser Energy Glyph of Lesser Energy if facing energy denial or frequent enchantment removal.
  • Death Pact Signet Death Pact Signet set restoration magic to 3.
  • Restore Life Restore Life set healing prayers to 6 and energy storage to 11.
  • "Fall Back!" "Fall Back!" set command and energy storage to 9.
  • "Stand Your Ground!" "Stand Your Ground!" set command and energy storage to 9.


  • Blessed insignia.
  • 40/40 air magic.


  • Frequent enchantment removal.
  • General caster hate.

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