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Build:Me/Mo Arbor Earthcall Farm HM

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This build is currently being tested.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Builds used by a Mesmer to farm Arbor Earthcall in HM to obtain his green and possible elite ele tomes.

Attributes and Skills

Template code



  • can use basically anything but do not go over 135 hp, and do not go below 105 hp.


  • +1+3 dom head piece
  • +3 fast casting
  • +3 inspiration
    • need 5 +3 runes for the -75 hp stacking but as long as you have + 3 fc, +3 inspiration and +3 dom it doesnt matter what else.
  • all radiant insignias


  • Lockpicks - might see a chest.


  • Watch here.
  • Make sure before you engage to have prot spirit up. and echo up.
  • He has really far aggro range so be careful, and cast PI on him (this gets echoed), backfire, empathy, then shielding hands (shielding hands can be used first if you get to low). Then remove his enchant to gain energy and cast another PI and then finish him.

Optional Shout Hero

Template code

Optional Skills

  • Can be swapped for same build as a Ritualist. But can also be ran as any proffession just by taking out Vocal was Sogolon Vocal Was Sogolon.
    • Asterisk.jpg/Paragon Any/P Shout Hero
Enduring Harmony "Make Haste!" Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional