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Build:Me/any GvG Air of Disenchantment

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This build is part of the current metagame.

This build has also received an overall rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This mesmer makes it barely worth using protection prayers on its target, allowing the team to train debuffed foes effectively.

Attributes and Skills

Template code
Variable skill slots:

  • Snares
    • Ethereal Burden Ethereal Burden
    • Kitah's Burden Kitah's Burden
  • Shutdown
    • Power Drain Power Drain
    • Leech Signet Leech Signet
    • Web of Disruption (PvP) Web of Disruption (PvP)
    • Signet of Humility Signet of Humility
  • Utility
    • Shrinking Armor Shrinking Armor


Runes and insignia



  • Apply Air of Disenchantment and Fragility (PvP) on a target your team wants to train.
    • Cover with Shrinking Armor if available.
    • Ideally used for flag pushing. Else, camp the prot, a target suffering from death penalty or any caster.
  • Apply Frustration (PvP) on the infuse monk so your accompanying mesmer or ranger can interrupt more easiliy with additional damage.
    • Cover with shrinking armor if available.
  • Snare trained targets with Ethereal Burden or Kitah's Burden.
  • Interrupt hex removal skills and potentially dangerous spells like Diversion.


  • Peace and Harmony
  • Convert Hexes
  • Proactive hex removal.

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