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Build:Me/any Psychic Instability Hero

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The PvXwiki community finds this to be an excellent build.

Through the PvX vetting system, it has reached an overall rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

The Psychic Interrupter abuses a hero's godlike reflexes to interrupt and knockdown entire groups with Psychic Instability.

Attributes and Skills

Template code
Template code
Mesmer Mesmer:

  • Optional Optional (raise Domination Magic to 12 and Inspiration Magic to 8):
    • Chaos Storm Chaos Storm - needs micromanaging, heroes are reluctant to use it by themselves.
    • Wastrel's Worry Wastrel's Worry
    • Wastrel's Demise Wastrel's Demise
    • Shatter Hex Shatter Hex
    • Unnatural Signet Unnatural Signet - with another source of hexes
  • Optional Optional (raise Illusion Magic to 12 and Inspiration Magic to 8):
    • Clumsiness Clumsiness
    • Calculated Risk Calculated Risk
    • Accumulated Pain Accumulated Pain
    • Arcane Conundrum Arcane Conundrum

Ritualist Ritualist:

  • Optional Optional (put 10 in Channeling Magic):
    • Splinter Weapon Splinter Weapon
    • Ancestors' Rage Ancestors' Rage
    • Spirit Rift Spirit Rift
    • Flesh of My Flesh Flesh of My Flesh

Necromancer Necromancer:

  • Optional Optional (put 10 in Curses):
    • Enfeebling Blood Enfeebling Blood
    • Shadow of Fear Shadow of Fear
    • Rip Enchantment Rip Enchantment
    • Weaken Armor Weaken Armor
    • Mark of Pain Mark of Pain
  • Optional Optional (put 10 in Blood Magic):
    • Blood Bond Blood Bond
    • Mark of Fury Mark of Fury
    • Strip Enchantment Strip Enchantment

Monk Monk:

  • Optional Optional (put 10 in Protection Prayers):
    • Protective Spirit Protective Spirit
    • Shield of Absorption Shield of Absorption
    • Aegis Aegis

Paragon Paragon:

  • Optional Optional (put 10 in Command):
    • "Fall Back!" "Fall Back!"
    • "Never Surrender!" "Never Surrender!"
    • "Stand Your Ground!" "Stand Your Ground!"
    • Signet of Return Signet of Return



  • Prodigy or Survivor Insignias.


  • 40/40 set for appropriate attribute
  • 40/40 Fast Casting set if not applicable
  • Defensive set if using Command


  • Set the hero to Guard Guard mode.


  • Dazed
  • Standard caster counters


  • Leech Signet Leech Signet over Waste Not, Want Not Waste Not, Want Not
  • Revealed Hex Revealed Hex / Inspired Hex Inspired Hex
  • Drain Enchantment Drain Enchantment


  • While heroes do not fail to interrupt they are quite indiscriminate about who or what they interrupt. This means that careful targeting is needed if you want a hero to interrupt a specific foe such as a boss.
  • Waste Not, Want Not works well with Psychic Instability because foes will be knocked down.

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