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Build:Mo/any Spirit Bond Farmer

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This build has been designed for the following use:

The Spirit Bond Monk is a different spin on the Invincible Monk concept. It can be used to farm any high level foes that do not have strong enchantment removal.

This build is based on the skill Spirit Bond. The skill will heal the target for 70 health each time they receive a single attack that does 50 damage or more. What this build tries to do is lower the Monk's armor so that every hit from any attack will do 50 damage or more. Then, it uses Protective Spirit (which always takes effect after Spirit Bond) so that for every hit you will be healed more than damaged. Since Spirit Bond wears off after 10 hits, Shield of Absorption is used to reduce damage to 0.

This build is commonly called the 600 Monk but, in truth, you don't need to have 600hp. Also in this build you do not even need to be level 20, it will work at level 10 on mountain trolls outside Droknar's Forge in Talus Chute.

The core difference is that Spirit Bond's healing will always keep up with enemy hits, no matter how many hits there are, unlike Healing Breeze in the classic 55 monk build. Also, the absence of any Healing Prayers skills allows more versatility in attribute point distribution.

Attributes and Skills

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  • The lowest possible armor. The usual sources for this are probably the armor crafters in Ascalon City or the Shing Jea Monastery. Your starting armor is perfect for this build.
  • Consider just not wearing certain pieces of armor, such as your chest armor. You can wear three runes on your headpiece, feet, and arms/legs (extra pip of regen and they still do enough damage), protecting yourself as little as possible.
  • A max Insightful Staff of Enchanting, with 20/20 on Smiting Prayers skills, Nifling's Staff is a Staff which has the required stats for this build. The Staff is dropped from Nifling the Chained.



Dual Spirit Bonder Team

It is possible to use two Spirit Bond Monks in the Underworld, for a faster and easier farm - with little chance of being wiped due to death as one monk will carry Rebirth.

The Team:

  • Primary: A full Spirit Bond Monk with an additional optional slot due to the removal of Retribution - this build is illustrated above.
  • Backup: Carries the following; Protective Spirit, Spirit Bond, Power Return, Shield of Judgment, Retribution, another Smiting Prayers skill of the players choice, and Rebirth.


  • The team is able to cast Shield of Judgment more often, and without any worries of interruption. The backup monk casts the first Shield of Judgment, with the primary monk casting dummy spells to cause the interruption skills of any foes to be used - allowing Shield Of Judgment to be cast without fear of being interrupted. The backup monk takes over casting Protective Spirit and Spirit Bond whenever necessary, and once all interrupts are used the tanking monk can cast SoJ and continue with the Spirit Bond Monk routine.

Way 2:

  • Another way to run this build, which utilizes Holy Wrath for extra damage, is detailed in this article: [1]


  • Please note that Spirit Bond is removed automatically after you take damage 10 times, physical or otherwise.


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