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Build:N/D JQ Toxic Chill

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This build is currently being tested.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds. If you are the author of this build, you may wish to add this page to your watchlist if you haven't already.

This build has been designed for the following use:

JQ Toxic Chill is a PvP-oriented Necromancer/Dervish build which has high survivability and which is designed to cap shrines quickly as well as defeat opposing players.

Attributes and Skills

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  • Armor
    • Major Death (+2) headpiece; Minor Soul Reaping (+1); Superior, Major, or Minor Survivor Runes
    • Undertaker/Blessed/Survivor insignias
  • Weapons
    • 40/40 Death Magic set
    • 20/10/10 Death Magic Staff of Enchanting
      • Any Death staff with:
    • 20/20 High Energy Death Magic set
      • a +15ene/-1ene regeneration inscription on wand and focus
    • Defensive sets (use a PvP Command Shield to color-code damage types)
      • Furious spear of Defense, +5 energy or HCT all spells 10%
      • Shield of Fortitude, -20% cripple
      • Shields of Fortitude, +10 armor vs each damage type
        • Only +10ar vs. Lightning and vs. Fire are necessary against bot teams


  • Hex non-enchanted opposing players with Putrid Bile Putrid Bile, condition them with Toxic Chill Toxic Chill, and damage and degen further with Vile Miasma Vile Miasma. Use Armor of Sanctity Armor of Sanctity to reduce damage after conditioning with Toxic Chill. If the player is enchanted, simply use Toxic Chill, Vile Miasma, then Toxic Chill again until he or she is down.
  • To cap ranger shrines: use Rising Bile Rising Bile, followed by Putrid Bile Putrid Bile, and Toxic Chill Toxic Chill and then run while the NPCs degen out. Casting Rising Bile before Putrid Bile ensures Rising Bile does more damage when the NPC dies--damage increases every second it is in effect (Putrid Bile's damage does not change over time).
  • Use Veil of Thorns Veil of Thorns and Mystic Regeneration Mystic Regeneration for further protection
  • Replenish energy and heal with Signet of Lost Souls Signet of Lost Souls


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