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This build has received a provisional rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is intended for quick and direct farming of bosses. It relies on the 55 concept to survive and punishment skills to quickly kill the boss in Hard mode. This build allows the user to charge directly for the boss monster and ignore the boss' mob.

Attributes and Skills

When they die near you, you gain 6 Energy per creature, or 3 Energy per Spirit under your control, up to 3 times every 15 seconds.
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  • Each of your armor pieces need to have a superior attribute Rune. This will lower your base Health to 105. (The only required type is blood, but 5 are necessary to hit 105 health. 1 Superior Soul Reaping may be useful for the 3 extra energy per kill.)
  • It is a good idea to bring a second set of armor. This will allow you to adjust your health manually based on any Death Penalty you might accumulate.
  • Any +5 energy/20% longer enchanting sword/axe such as Rajazan's Fervor or Totem Axe.
  • The -50hp Grim Cesta from the Cities of Ascalon quest. (This is not required if you don't mind dying once and using a -20 offhand to hit 13hp. This will work better in most cases.)
    • For the 13hp build, any -20hp offhand will work (preferably +12 energy). (Life is Pain Inscriptions help with this.)
  • If you have any +hp offhands they could also be useful if any DP is accumulated.


  • Cast Balthazar's Spirit when entering the explorable area.
  • As you approach your target cast Protective Spirit and Blood Renewal.
  • Cycle between Shield of Absorption and Shielding Hands for damage reduction.
  • Target the boss monster and cast Spoil Victor and Pain Inverter.
  • Get as much aggro as possible from the boss's mob of monsters.
  • Use Life Siphon on multiple opponents to counter any excessive degen. If facing no degen skills, this won't be necessary.
  • When you're fighting the boss (one on one), there is no need to keep using the small prots. Blood Renewal will keep your health up on its own.


Assassin Tahkayun Tsi

(1 minute)

Start from Ran Musu Gardens. Apply your enchants as usual before getting aggro, hex the boss until he dies.

MonkByzzr Wingmender

(1 minute)

Start from Lutgardis Conservatory and head north hugging the left wall. Cast Spoil Victor and Life Siphon on Byzzr from the other side of the wall. You don't need any protective skills as she can't hit you. Her Healing Breeze will slow things down a little but she'll quickly fall. Use Necrotic Traversal

to jump to the corpse and quickly pick up the loot before the mantids spawn and attack you.

Variant Way: Go to Byzzr Wingmender as you would normally. Cast Awaken the Blood

then Defile Flesh, Price of Failure, and Spoil Victorand cast your optional skills as necessary. Once Byzzr Wingmender is below half health, cast "Finish Him!". Use Necrotic Traversalto jump to the corpse and quickly pick up the loot before the mantids spawn and attack you.

RangerChkkr Thousand Tail

(1 minute)

Chkkr is very easy to kill but there's a warden patrol which might force you to rezone. Start from Saint Anjeka's Shrine and head south. You need to pass the warden patrol by the right, and hug the left wall where you will be able to reach Chkkr. From there you won't aggro anything, but this might trigger an Oni spawn which would kill him easily. Also, wait for the patrol behind him to move off, as a Mantid Mender will make things long. All that done, Chkkr is quickly killed.

DervishBubahl Icehands

(1 minute)

Bubahl is easy to kill, but you will be under a little pressure so be careful. Start from Nundu Bay and head east, you will see him on the beach. Here, you need all your skills to kill Bubahl. You may cast Life Siphon on a couple other foes to increase your regeneration.

NecromancerCraw Stonereap & ElementalistZarnas Stonewrath

(3 minutes)

Change Balthazar's Spirit for Mending Touch. Start from Altrumm ruins and head west, hugging the left wall. You need to move through a warden team, which won't have any disenchantment. They're quite boring with their knockdowns, but they won't interrupt any skills. Use your protective skills with Blood renewal, and avoid the Barbed Trap laid by the Warden. Run straight down the stairs until they break aggro.

Now you just need to go back. Craw can disenchant you with Chilblains, but he also attacks from a longbow range, which means he won't cast spells if you do things well. First use Spoil Victor and move out of his spell range, use Blood Renewal as he may have cast some degeneration skill. Also, place yourself behind a wall if possible, or use Protective Spirit and Shielding Hands. When SV has expired, reapply it using the same process. If you get disenchanted, refresh your enchantments, be careful with its degeneration skills which can give -8. In order to keep out of spell range and avoid Chilblains, do not use Pain Inverter or Life Siphon on Craw.

Zarnas is easy to kill. His Stone Daggers makes him take heavy damage through Spoil Victor + Pain Inverter. Be aware that Gale can knock you down during key skills. Try to cast your spells right after you've been knocked down.

WarriorReefclaw Ragebound, RitualistSoulwhisper & MesmerMohby Windbeak

(4 minutes)

Start from Leviathan Pits and move northwest through the fight between Luxons and Outcasts. Be careful to their necromancers which us disenchantment and life steal. In theory, you shouldn't have any problem but use a Protective Spirit before moving through.

Follow the path and start with Reefclaw as he may get killed by nearby Outcasts. You can aggro him alone without any bow, then have him follow you a little east close to the wave. You won't need Shielding Hands nor Shield of Absorption for him. Beware of his Distracting Blow which can interrupt a couple of your key skills.

Once dead, move southwest on the little isle. Soulwhisper stands in a hole, making him easily aggroed without any Wallows with a longbow. Pull him back a little and take him down like the others. He may use Preservation which makes the fight longer, so manage your energy by not using damage reduction skills and keep him under Spoil Victor at all costs as he can quickly get healed.

Mohby is just north from here but there are many patrols around - notably with Expunge Enchantments (instant death). Try to move carefully and pull him alone onto a low wave a little east from where he starts. Let him hit you so Pain Inverter damages him. He uses Power Drain and up to -5 degeneration, which can produce a little pressure. You need to take him down quickly in order not to run out of energy, and avoid aggroing nearby fish. This needs a bit of practise and is the trickiest part of the run.

ParagonJishol Darksong

(2 minutes)

Firstly, replace Pain Inverter with Well of Silence. Set protection prayers to 10, and curses to 8 instead.

Jishol is harder than the other bosses, because his team hits hard with frequent burning, and also has a potent self heal in the form of Leader's Comfort. He stands just outside Honur Hill in Resplendent Makuun. You will need to kill some of his team in order to lower the efficiency of his Leader's Comfort, as well as prevent the use of shouts and chants with Well of Silence. Kill a Mokele first, then create a Well of Silence and eliminate the Shrieker. Now use Spoil Victor and Life Siphon on Jishol to quickly reduce him below 60% health - now use Well of Silence on the corpse of the Shrieker - keep Spoil Victor up and he will die very quickly. Be careful with the burning, try to have at least one copy of Life Siphon Life Siphon up all the time.

RitualistRitualist's Construct

(1 minute)

Use the variant build. You will also need a longbow. The Ritualist's Construct will not appear during or after the completion of Cleansing Morostav Trail unless Memories of Purity is active.

Start from the Unwaking Waters (Kurzick) outpost and enter Morostav Trail. Using your longbow, target the Ritualist's Construct and wait for a good oportunity to pull it back without aggroing any of the other enemies. Once it is hit, walk back to the wall on the right and pull it as close to the gate you entered from as you can without the construct being able to hit you. Cast Awaken the Bloodthen Defile Flesh, Price of Failure, and Spoil Victorand cast your optional skills as necessary. Once the Ritualist's Construct is below half health, cast "Finish Him!".


  • Enchantment Removal
  • Interruption
  • Multiple/Fast-Recharging Hex Removal


  • Necromancer/Monk Jishol Darksong build: OANUQYzcwnSylqQzBtB1D3VrEyDA
  • A primary monk can easily run this build, having the advantage of longer durations on the protection prayers but slightly less damage.
    • Monk/Necromancer Pain Inverter build: OwQTQ4HDHSuUFaOoNoe4ualQeAA
    • Monk/Necromancer Jishol Darksong build: OwQUQ4j+OIN8ZV4coNUPurrE5BA


Bubahl Icehands

Byzzr Wingmender

Chkkr Thousand Tail

Craw Stonereap & Zarnas Stonewrath

Jishol Darksong

Reefclaw Ragebound & Soulwhisper & Mohby Windbeak

Variant Videos

Byzzr Wingmender

Ritualist's Construct

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