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Build:P/A Dagger Spammer

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The PvXwiki community finds this to be a good build.

This build has received an overall rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This paragon build gives constant damage output using three dagger skills. It has some party-wide damage reduction and uses the spammable shouts "Go For the Eyes!" and "The Power Is Yours!" for energy management via Leadership's effect. Also provides your party with a near constant +1 energy regeneration.

Attributes and Skills

Template code
Optional.jpg Optional 1:

  • Asuran Scan Asuran Scan
  • "I Am the Strongest!" "I Am the Strongest!"
  • Brawling Headbutt Brawling Headbutt
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!"




  • Anti-shout skills such as Vocal Minority
  • Anti-adrenaline hexes such as Soothing Images
  • Blind/Missing, blocking, and hexes that trigger on attacks



  • Playing this with a source of Strength of Honor is highly suggested.
  • Minions and spirits can help increase your ally count.

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