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Build:P/R Serpent's Motivation Support

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Red thumbs down.png This build is not favored by the PvXwiki community.

Through the PvX vetting system, it has reached an overall rating below 3.75 and thus does not qualify for being stored on PvXwiki. It is subject to deletion 2 weeks from 23:27, 11 December 2018 (UTC).

This build has been designed for the following use:

Serpent's Motivation Support is a PvE build that utilizes Serpent's Quickness in conjunction with the naturally slow recharge rate of motivation chants and "TNtF!" to provide consistent, unstrippable party-wide support.

Attributes and Skills

Template code


  • Optional 6: Defensive Anthem Defensive Anthem
  • Optional 6: Song of Restoration Song of Restoration

1st Variant

  • Optional 1: Purifying Finale Purifying Finale or "By Ural's Hammer!" "By Ural's Hammer!"
  • Optional 2: Leader's Zeal Leader's Zeal

2nd Variant

  • Optional 1: Lyric of Zeal Lyric of Zeal
  • Optional 2: Tryptophan Signet Tryptophan Signet



  • Blessed or centurion's insignias on all pieces
  • Superior leadership rune on crest
  • Minor motivation rune on raiment
  • Superior vigor rune on armguards
  • Rune of attunement on leggings
  • Rune of attunement/vitae on sandals


  • Furious spear of defense/fortitude, +5 energy ("I have the power")
  • Motivation shield of devotion, physical damage -2 while enchanted/in a stance
  • High energy set




  • This build is most effective with a deldrimor rank of at least 5. At 5, Serpent's Quickness will last for 46 seconds (at 8 wilderness survival), which is 1 second longer than its recharge rate.
  • With 16 leadership, "TNtF!" lasts for 12 seconds. Under the effects of Serpent's Quickness, it has a recharge rate of 13.4 seconds, allowing enough time for the health bonus at the end of "TntF!" before using again, providing a nearly constant effect.
  • In areas with many physical foes, or with a team that is mostly or all casters, Defensive Anthem is preferred for optional slot 6.
  • In areas with few physical foes, or with a team that has one or a few users with attack skills, Song of Restoration is preferred for optional slot 6.
  • With Serpent's Quickness, Defensive Anthem has a recharge rate of 16.75 seconds. * Most other chants have recharge rates of 13.4 seconds.