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Build:P/W Arenas Stunning Strike

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The PvXwiki community finds this to be an excellent build.

Through the PvX vetting system, it has reached an overall rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This build functions as a pressure role in low end PvP.

Attributes and Skills

Template code

  • One energy skill:
    • Maiming Spear Maiming Spear
    • Disrupting Throw Disrupting Throw
    • Spear of Lightning Spear of Lightning
  • One adren skill:
    • Blazing Spear Blazing Spear
    • Wild Throw Wild Throw
    • Merciless Spear Merciless Spear
    • Spear of Redemption Spear of Redemption


  • Centurion's Insiginas
  • Superior Vigor Runes
  • Vitaes/Attunements as you see fit.
  • Furious/Vampric spears
    • High Energy weaponset (post-death to cast Aggressive Refrain)
  • Defensive Shields (Tactics)


  • Precast Aggressive Refrain with "To the Limit!" and maintain them together
  • Barbed/Maiming Spear to spread bleeding and cripple
  • Daze casters or finish off foes with Stunning Strike


  • Anti-adrenaline
  • Standard anti-physical


  • If you spec 9 into tactics to meet your shield requirement, let "To the Limit!" end before renewing it.


  • Outside RA, replace Res Sig with another spear attack or Anthem of your choice.