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This build is in the testing phase.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Sword paragon designed to quarter knock up to 30 seconds. Meant for party size 4 areas when there's need to compensate the paragon's low damage output potential with shutdown. Also useful in combination with Earthbind against boss foes like Shiro Tagachi.

Attributes and Skills

You gain 2 Energy for each ally affected by one of your Shouts or Chants (maximum 6 Energy).
Template code

Variable skill slot:

  • "To the Limit!" "To the Limit!" – faster adrenaline build up.
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" – for additional defense.






  • Use your sword for combat.
  • Switch to the spear when you can't reach your foes in order to gain adrenaline nonetheless.
  • Use the staff to use your energy skills while low on energy.


  • Use Enduring Harmony before combat so "For Great Justice!" and "I Am Unstoppable!" last longer.
  • Maintain Soldier's Fury.
  • Inflict crippled condition with "You Move Like A Dwarf!" and then keep using this chain to keep a foe knocked down, unable to cast even 0.25 seconds skills:
    • Brawling Headbutt→auto attack→Steelfang Slash→Brawling Headbutt→auto attack→Knee Cutter→Brawling Headbutt⟲


  • Blindness condition, hexes like Blurred Vision.
  • Migraine.
  • Foes removing crippled.