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Build:R/A Oni Farmer

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This build is in the testing phase.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This is a novice-intermediate level build for farming Onis outside The Aurios Mines in Factions for Nick gifts, oldschool Oni daggers, or unique Ungues of the Oni.

Attributes and Skills

Template code


  • Armor
    • Superior Expertise Headpiece
    • Blessed Insignias
  • Weapons
    • Zealous Daggers of Enchanting (15% damage while enchanted)
    • Insightful Staff of Enchanting (+5ene while enchanted)
    • Optional:
      • Longbow of Enchanting
      • Defensive set


Oni farm.jpg
  • Start with any balanced hero team composition and go outside The Aurios Mines. Take the right path, kill the two Leviathan groups, and open your mission map. Flag your heroes back to the bend in the corridor so that they are out of range when you kill the first Oni group and they do not reduce your drops.
  • Cast Shroud of Distress, run to where the Oni will spawn, and get right next to the Oni so you can ball them as quickly as you can. Running to a point near where they spawn, making them spawn, and running back and trying to "right wall block" so the ball is tighter, will spread the group out. Two Onis will lag behind the rest while they are casting Shadow Shroud and Scorpion Wire.
  • As the Oni ball on you, use Unseen Fury, Dwarven Stability, then Lightning Reflexes.
    • You will take damage and possibly die with the larger groups while you are waiting to use Unseen Fury. All Onis must be balled on you before you use Unseen Fury, so it is much better to run right next to them, position yourself for a moment so they are in a ball, and then use Unseen Fury.
  • Use Golden Phoenix Strike and start chaining Death Blossom/Moebius Strike.
    • Watch the radial recharge timer on Unseen Fury to know when you have to get ready to use Blinding Powder. Unseen Fury lasts 8 seconds, so it will be nearly halfway recharged when it will end. Use Blinding Powder after a Golden Phoenix Strike.
  • When you need to use Unseen Fury again, it will cancel Lightning Reflexes. If Lightning Reflexes is recharged, use Unseen Fury and then Lightning Reflexes right after--Unseen Fury will blind foes upon using it but you can use another stance right after and they will stay blind.
  • After you kill the first Oni group, flag your heroes back to you to kill the first Outcast patrol. Then flag them to the end of the dotted yellow line where they will sit out of your range while you solo the second Oni group. Then go to where your heroes are, help them kill the 5-6 Outcast groups on the way to the "Oni Bridge," and flag them back along the path, out of your range, before you kill the Onis on the bridge.


Rt/any Signet of Spirits Farmer also works for this farm.

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