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Build:R/A Rajazan Degen Farmer

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This build is currently being tested.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build uses a hit-and-run tactic to kill Cultist Rajazan for Rajazan's Fervor.

Atributes and Skills

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  • A spear/axe/sword and shield for running.
  • A barbed or poisonous Longbow of Fortitude with a 15^50 inscription.



  • Use Dash to break aggro and as an IMS.
  • Use Natural Stride to block and as an IMS.
  • Use Troll Unguent before engaging enemies to heal.
  • Near the res shrine past the initial group of Shiroken, there is a pile of bones. Go and touch the bones and then run away. This will trigger the creeping carp to move towards the res shrine and out of your running path.
  • Continue running and avoiding as many groups as possible.
  • When you get to Rajazan, run through him and use dash to break aggro.


  • Set up your spirits in a place that will affect Rajazan.
  • Use Poison Tip Signet and Barbed Arrows.
  • Use Called Shot on Rajazan with your longbow equipped.
  • Immediately turn around and use Dash. Run until they break aggro.
  • Continue using Poison Tip Signet, Barbed Arrows, Called Shot, and Dash.
  • When Rajazan gets close to dying (5% health or less), use Poison Tip Signet, Barbed Arrows, and Called Shot but not Dash. Get Rajazan in your aggro bubble and let him degen to death. Collect your drops and restart. Knowing when to do this is the most important part of the run and the hardest part. Proper timing comes from experience.


  • If Rajazan is not in your aggro bubble when he dies, you will have to risk going into the group of outcasts that shelter him. Dying and running all the way back to get your drops decreases drops per hour significantly.


  • Feel No Pain can be subbed in for Troll Unguent. It is more useful for running, but provides less healing and requires a high norn rank to be effective.
  • Dark Escape or Storm Chaser as alternate run skills.


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