Build:R/E Together as One Volley Offense

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This build is in the testing phase.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Use "Together as One!" and other damage buffs to deal large damage and provide health regeneration to your team. Can transition to melee mid-fight, using the Anniversary Sword "Prominence".

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 60%.
Template code

Optional slot one, IAS
  • Drunken Master Drunken Master
  • Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability + Lightning Reflexes Lightning Reflexes
Optional slots, remaining
  • Deep Freeze Deep Freeze
  • Glyph of Lesser Energy Glyph of Lesser Energy
  • Conjure Flame Conjure Flame / Conjure Lightning Conjure Lightning - Replace Conjure Frost
  • Sloth Hunter's Shot Sloth Hunter's Shot
  • Distracting Shot Distracting Shot / Savage Shot Savage Shot
  • Throw Dirt Throw Dirt


  • Preferably, another player or hero will supply Splinter Weapon, but this variant allows the Ranger to provide Splinter Weapon themselves.
  • This variant includes a pet, which may be helpful in some instances (adds an extra body, can send pet in first, additional single target DPS). In general, pets can be clunky and unreliable which is why one is not included in the main bar.


  • Flatbow/Longbow for pulling and for initial Splinter Weapon spikes.
  • Flatbow/Shortbow for closer range fights.
  • Elemental (Icy, Fiery, or Shocking) bows of Defense with Strength and Honor, for Conjure.
  • Zealous bows of Defense with Strength and Honor, if no Conjure.
  • Anniversary Sword "Prominence" with appropriate Elemental modifier.
  • Tactics shield of Fortitude (tactics=9 marksmanship=9+2).
  • Rune of superior vigor.
  • Radiant Insignias.
  • Attunement runes.


  • Initialize fights with a Volley+Splinter Weapon spike when possible.
  • Switch to melee mid-fight when in close range, to increase single target DPS, and to more quickly fill adrenaline.
  • Largely dependent on outside battery (ie, BiP).


  • Standard Anti-attack

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