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Build:Team - 600/Smite SoO

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This build is currently being tested.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

   Dungeon Guide.png This is part of the Dungeon Build series, see Dungeon Guide for all Dungeon builds.  

This team build is designed to run though the dungeon Shards of Orr.

600 monk

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  • 40/20/20% Protection Prayers staff


  • Maintain Blessed Aura.
  • Wait for ranger to summon spirits.
  • Before aggroing, cast Spellbreaker and Protective Spirit. The smiter cast Shield of Judgment and Holy Wrath.
  • Use Shield of Absorption and Spirit Bond to keep yourself alive. Renew Shield of Absorption before it ends and quickly follow with Spirit Bond.
  • Maintain "I Am Unstoppable!" to prevent KD from undead and enchanted groups.
  • Use Storm Chaser to maintain energy.


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  • 40/20/20% Smiting Prayers staff


  • Smiter must cast Shield of Judgment and Holy Wrath before 600 goes in.
  • Once 600 in cast Shield of Judgement every so often lasts about 30 seconds or more so don't overcast it or aggro will break on you.


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General Usage

Level 1

  • It's wise to bring perma runner to light torches and run zones as this can save 15 minutes in a run.*
  • Start from Gadd's Encampment. MAKE SURE!! someone has the Shandra quest or you wont get the chest.
  • Enter the dungeon and head North towards the boss.
  • Kill all the mobs going to Boss
  • 600 use Pain Inverters to lure boss solo. "Make sure ranger has spirits up before" boss dies in 10 seconds.
  • Once the Brigand is dead, retrieve the key. Only kill the 2 mobs next to the boss. Go West once those are dead. 600 don't kill any more mobs.
  • 600 run to the portal were Arbor bay is only trigger Shandra she will follow ("600 use storm chaser to avoid mobs carefully")
  • It's Perma's turn to zone the area. Once 600 is close to Shandra the door will open to the South. Perma carefully hug the walls to your left and try not to aggro the big room or you will wipe. Hug the wall to left they move and your safe only 1 group by the door aggro them and run in.

Level 2

  • Now head towards the boss. Once he's dead he will trigger the chest with torch.
  • Head toward the chamber. Perma from this point run the torch. Once 4 torches are lit aggro will spawn. head towards the boss with the key, kill the boss like you did in area 1 (the same trick works here as well).
  • while 600 retrieving the key perma there's only one mob blocking the door stay close by once key retrieved zone the team ASAP.

Level 3

  • team head towards Fedi stay to the right, NOT the Left!!!.
  • perma run the torches again.
  • at this point You Should be at Fendi. Before going in look towards your left there wall there try set up team close to that possible if you notice there fire spout come from the ground next to fendi on the left MAKE SURE Stand on that spout 600 or energy will be off and help killing Soul of Fendi also. Watch when soul dies cast your Shield of Absorption and Spirit Bond before Fendi and his ranger pop up as they will interrupt your healing DONT EVER DROP Shield of absorption or Spell breakers you will die. 600 MAKE SURE!!!.you hit space-bar everytime soul of Fendi pops or he will break agroo chase the smiter casting shield of Absorption KEEP HIM ON THE FLAME!.
  • Smiter make sure you cast Shield of Judgment when the 600 is killing Fendi and the Soul of Fendi

  • once Fendi's dead, wait 3 minutes to zone back to Arbor Bay to take the quest again so you can do the run from Gadds.


Template code

Used mainly for less experienced runners.


  • KD without IAU up