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Build:Team - 6 Hero Defend North Kryta Province

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This build is in the testing phase.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Hero team build designed to run another player through the titan quest Defend North Kryta Province [Hard Mode Only] as a paragon player.


Paragon / Warrior Player
"To the Limit!" Asuran Scan Spear of Redemption Holy Spear Blazing Spear "Save Yourselves!" Soldier's Fury "There's Nothing to Fear!"
Mesmer / Ritualist Hero 1     
Visions of Regret Flesh of My Flesh Unnatural Signet Mistrust Cry of Frustration Power Drain Drain Enchantment Elemental Resistance
Mesmer / Asterisk.jpg  Hero 2
Energy Surge Shatter Hex Unnatural Signet Mistrust Cry of Frustration Power Drain Drain Enchantment Elemental Resistance
Mesmer / Asterisk.jpg  Hero 3
Energy Surge Shatter Hex Unnatural Signet Mistrust Cry of Frustration Power Drain Drain Enchantment Elemental Resistance
Necromancer / Ritualist Hero 4
Blood is Power Strip Enchantment Signet of Lost Souls Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light Spirit Transfer Protective Was Kaolai Life
Elementalist / Monk Hero 5
Aura of Restoration Ether Renewal Infuse Health Life Attunement Reversal of Fortune Spirit Bond Protective Spirit Shield of Absorption
Ritualist / Mesmer Hero 6
Soul Twisting Boon of Creation Shelter Union Displacement Armor of Unfeeling Power Drain Elemental Resistance

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Player build

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Hero builds

Visions of Regret

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Energy Surge (2)

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Blood is Power Healer

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Ether Renewal Prot

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Communing Prot

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  • Start from the Temple of the Ages so you can bring a full team.
    • If you already finished War in Kryta, abandon all shining blade bounties to disable peacekeeper and white mantle spawns on your way. This will save you a bit of time on your way to the quest location.
  • Micro the elementalist to maintain Life Attunement on himself and the blood is power necromancer.
  • When you're hexed, move up into range of foes so your heroes use Shatter Hex on you.
  • Use "Save Yourselves!" (Kurzick) only when your team needs the protection or you need the energy.
  • Activate Asuran Scan so you can gain adrenaline despite Blurred Vision and blindness.
  • Try to hit summoned creatures with Holy Spear for armour ignoring AoE bonus damage.

Defense Point 1

  • Spread your heroes to reduce incoming damage.
    • Flag your mesmers in a hemicycle in front of the ascalonian settlers.
    • Flag your backline in a hemicycle behind the ascalonian settlers.
    • See gallery.
  • You'll first be attacked by a group coming from south and with some delay one coming from downhill, east.
    • Once you kill the first group, a third group will spawn and attack from east.
    • Once you kill the second group, a fourth group will spawn and attack from south.
  • Proper killing priority eases this part:
    • Earthborne titans are priority targets: Their Sandstorm is a massive threat to the ascalonian settlers.
    • Second most dangerous are airborne titans due to their frequent point blank area damage.
    • You can leave waterborne titans until last.
    • Ignore the wild growth from the fourth group until every other foe is dealt with.
  • Once all four groups are dispatched, move to the hill southwest of Ascalon settlement.

Defense Point 2

  • Spread your heroes at the hill southwest of Ascalon settlement.
    • Flag your mesmers in a line and your backline in a second line behind them.
    • See gallery.
  • Two groups of foes spawn: The first with Desnas Hubor and a second group consisting only of standard titans.
    • Make sure to kill the first group including the boss first.
    • Ignore the wild growth that spawns after the boss's death.
    • Once the first group is killed, dispatch the remaining titans. This spawns the next group attacking from east of the settlement, move north to your allies.
  • When you arrive the settlement guards will tank the first few spells from the titans. Use this time to spread your heroes.
    • Simply make sure that they don't take much area damage, no specific formation is required.
    • Make sure that your protection heroes aren't flagged too far to the settlement. Else there's a risk that they don't notice that you're in combat and stop using protection prayers.
    • See gallery.
  • Kill all standard titans first, leave the wild growths until last. Watch your compass to see whether the next spawn has been triggered and charges from south.
    • In case settlement guards survived, watch out for them killing wild growths. If multiple guards attack one it will die within a minute, so it might be better to cleanse the area of wild growths before proceeding.
  • If the next wave has not yet started, kill one of the wild growths and deal with its sub-spawns.
  • The next group features, on top of wild growths and additional elementalists, a rotting titan. While they're not particularly dangerous, it's still advised to kill them first. Their skill smash of the titans can disenchant focused targets, in the worst case the E/Mo prot.
  • Use Holy Spear on shambling horrors and jagged horrors.
  • Before attacking any wild growth, kill the remaining elementalists first.
  • Now kill the wild growths that came from south, one at a time, and deal with the sub-spawns once one dies. This will eventually trigger the last group that attacks from east.
  • Now you simply need to kill all foes that came with the last wave and the quest is finished. You can leave the surviving wild growths alive.


Exemplary Video

Running a player:


  • If the player you're helping wants to contribute, let him run a damage build.
    • Minions are deprecated.
    • Spirits are likely to be killed quickly.
    • Due to their high level titans have high armor ratings, prefer armour ignoring damage.
    • Wild growths are not to be attacked until no other foe is left. Follow the party leader's target calls.

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