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The PvXwiki community finds this to be a good build.

This build has received an overall rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:

   ZeiRi.png This team requires either Zei Ri or a mercenary hero.      

Defensive team build for a melee player. Suitable for all content.


Ritualist /Monk
Signet of Spirits Splinter Weapon Ancestors' Rage Optional Optional Smite Condition Smite Hex Strength of Honor
Panic Shatter Hex Unnatural Signet Mistrust Cry of Frustration Power Drain Drain Enchantment Optional
Mesmer / Ritualist     
Ineptitude Wandering Eye Signet of Clumsiness Optional Optional Power Drain Drain Enchantment Flesh of My Flesh
Mesmer / Ritualist
Ineptitude Wandering Eye Signet of Clumsiness Arcane Conundrum Accumulated Pain Epidemic Optional Flesh of My Flesh
Necromancer / Ritualist
Blood is Power Blood Bond Signet of Lost Souls Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light Spirit Transfer Optional Optional
Necromancer /Monk
Aura of Faith Spirit Bond Shielding Hands Shield of Absorption Reverse Hex Signet of Lost Souls Enfeebling Blood Foul Feast
Soul Twisting Boon of Creation Shelter Displacement Armor of Unfeeling Optional Optional Optional

paw*ned² template code

Paste this team build template code into paw*ned².

pwnd0001?download pawned2 @ | Copyright 2008-2018 Redeemer

Hero builds

Splinter Weapon Support

Template code

Variable skill slots:

  • Spirit Siphon Spirit Siphon – heroes tend to use this skill while no spirit is around or when standing next to an already depleted spirit, causing a net energy loss.
  • Essence Strike Essence Strike - alternative to Spirit Siphon
  • Lamentation Lamentation
  • Judge's Insight Judge's Insight – against undead; consider disabling and microing the skill.
  • Bloodsong Bloodsong
  • Gaze of Fury Gaze of Fury
  • Flesh of My Flesh Flesh of My Flesh


Template code

Variable skill slot:

  • Unnatural Signet Unnatural Signet
  • Power Spike Power Spike
  • Spiritual Pain Spiritual Pain – especially useful in areas with annoying spirits like Quickening Zephyr.
  • Overload Overload
  • Flesh of My Flesh Flesh of My Flesh
  • Death Pact Signet Death Pact Signet

Ineptitude 1

Template code

Variable skill slots:

  • Arcane Conundrum Arcane Conundrum – more reliable hex spread, eased energy management.
  • Frustration Frustration – especially in areas with healers.
  • Power Return Power Return
  • Accumulated Pain Accumulated Pain
  • Clumsiness Clumsiness – due to the AI very heavy on the energy, rendering the hero less effective in long-lasting fights.
  • Hex Eater Signet Hex Eater Signet

Ineptitude 2

Template code

Variable skill slot:

  • Clumsiness Clumsiness – due to the AI very heavy on the energy, rendering the hero less effective in long-lasting fights.
  • Power Return Power Return
  • Hex Eater Signet Hex Eater Signet – lower restoration magic to 0, increase inspiration magic to 3.
  • Drain Enchantment Drain Enchantment – lower restoration magic to 0, increase inspiration magic to 3.
  • Mirror of Disenchantment Mirror of Disenchantment

Blood is Power Healer

Template code

Variable skill slots:

  • Dark Fury Dark Fury
  • Order of Pain Order of Pain – don't combine with Judge's Insight.
  • Strip Enchantment Strip Enchantment – only if additional enchantment removal is desirable.
  • Enfeebling Blood Enfeebling Blood – reduce soul reaping by 1 and set curses to 5.
  • Protective was Kaolai Protective Was Kaolai
  • Life Life
  • Recuperation Recuperation
  • Recovery Recovery

Necromancer Prot

Template code

Communing Prot

12 + 1 + 3
12 + 1
Template code

Variable skill slots:

  • Union Union
  • Spirit's Gift Spirit's Gift - additional healing and condition remove.
  • Spirit to Flesh Spirit to Flesh – area healing at the cost of sacrificing a spirit.
  • Flesh of My Flesh Flesh of My Flesh – set restoration magic to 3 if no secondary profession utility skill has been chosen.
  • Hex Eater Signet Hex Eater Signet – set inspiration magic to 3.
  • Enfeebling Blood Enfeebling Blood – set curses to 3.
  • Frozen Soil Frozen Soil – for areas with many foes using resurrection skills, like Slaver's Exile, Rragar's Menagerie, explorable areas in the Desolation etc. - set wilderness survival to 3. Disable this skill on the hero bar and use it manually when necessary.


Arbitrary Third Backline Hero

Replace the N/Mo prot with one of these heroes if you prefer a different backline focus. Replace this backline hero with another damage dealer in easier areas.

Third Mesmer Replacement

If you lack Zei Ri or mercenary heroes, you can intermediately replace the second ineptitude mesmer with this hero. If you have all needed mesmers, you may use this hero as a replacement for the necromancer prot for an increased damage output and party movement speed.

Player Build

Any damage dealing weapon based melee build is supported by this team build.
Recommended player builds:


  • Hero AI mode:
    • Set backline heroes to guard Guard.png
    • Set midline heroes to fight Fight.png
  • Micro the splinter weapon support hero to maintain Strength of Honor on you.
  1. Invite the hero to your party.
  2. Click on the number next to the hero in the party window. This opens the hero control panel.
  3. Hold down left shift and left click once on strength of honour. A red crossed circle shows that it is disabled.
  4. Target yourself (standard hotkey: F) and left click once on strength of honour. The hero will now cast the enchantment on you and maintain it.
  5. Repeat step 4 if the enchantment gets removed in combat.
  • Advanced users can set a custom hotkey for Action: Order Hero # to use Skill # in the controls options to force heroes to use certain skills. If playing a melee frequently it is recommended to make such hotkeys for both strength of honour and Splinter Weapon.
  • Before starting a particularly difficult fight, you can force the communing prot to use ShelterUnionDisplacementArmor of Unfeeling so your team is fully protected right away.
    • If you're afraid of area damage, you can also flag the heroes apart. It is recommended to place them in a single line, so heroes won't push forward to get into casting range of foes and thus ball with the heroes in front of them again.
    • Natively only the first three heroes can be commanded individually. For the remaining four heroes you need to set up custom hotkeys in the controls option for Action: Command Hero #.


  • If playing easy content or normal mode, replace the N/Mo Prot hero with another damage dealing hero.
    • This includes Nightfall missions and quests which require you to bring a specific hero.

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