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The PvXwiki community finds this to be a good build.

This build has received an overall rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:


Dervish/Assassin Vow of Strength x3 or x2 & Assassin/Paragon Dagger Spammer x1

Death's Charge Optional Chilling Victory Radiant Scythe Heart of Fury Vow of Strength Veil of Thorns Sand Shards
Death's Charge Jagged Strike Fox Fangs Death Blossom "Fall Back!" "Go for the Eyes!" Critical Eye Way of the Assassin

Ritualist/Paragon Soul Twisting

Soul Twisting Shelter Displacement Union "Fall Back!" Signet of Creation Boon of Creation Flesh of My Flesh

Mesmer/Ritualist Panic

Panic Shatter Hex Mistrust Cry of Frustration Power Drain Waste Not, Want Not Splinter Weapon Flesh of My Flesh

Necromancer/Ritualist Mark of Pain Healer

Pain of Disenchantment Mark of Pain Weaken Armor Signet of Lost Souls Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light Protective was Kaolai Life

Dervish/Necromancer or Necromancer/Monk Orders

Avatar of Dwayna Order of Pain Dark Fury Blood Bond Mystic Healing Meditation Whirling Charge Fleeting Stability
Cultist's Fervor Order of Pain Dark Fury Blood Bond Optional Smite Hex Smite Condition Foul Feast

VoS Dervish x3

Template code
Optional Optional should be:

Victorious Sweep Victorious Sweep Extra damage and self-heal.
Crippling Victory Crippling Victory Snare to keep foes balled up.
Crippling Sweep Crippling Sweep Snare to keep foes balled up since the beginning of battle.
Aura Slicer Aura Slicer For cracked Armor, if you do not bring Weaken Armor.
Mystic Sweep Mystic Sweep Extra damage.
Mirage Cloak Mirage Cloak Extra defense in melee-heavy areas. Also strengthens Windwalker Insignia.
Shield of Force Shield of Force KD and weakness spreading against melee.
Conviction Conviction Extra defense in condition-heavy areas. Also strengthens Windwalker Insignia.


  • Full Blessed, Windwalker, or Survivor Insignias
  • Scythe of Fortitude/Enchanting

Dagger Spammer Variant x1

Template code

Flashing Blades Flashing Blades Extra defense in melee-heavy areas.


  • Full Survivor or Nightstalker's
  • Zealous Daggers of Defense/Fortitude


  • Replaces one of the VoS Dervish heroes for quicker cleanup (at the expense of AoE damage), more Fall Back uptime, and ability to take the D/N Orders listed below instead of the N/Mo orders (assuming no mercs and that Razah is not a Dervish).
  • This build is more fragile than the Dervish it is replacing.

ST Rit

Template code

Binding Chains Binding Chains
Armor of Unfeeling Armor of Unfeeling
Edge of Extinction Edge of Extinction Communing = 11+1+3, Spawning = 10+2, Beast Mastery = 10.
Frozen Soil Frozen Soil Spawing = 11+2, Wilderness Survival = 6.
Power Drain Power Drain Spawing = 11+2, Inspiration = 6.


  • Survivor Insignias, Runes of Vitae
  • Any martial weapon of Enchanting/Fortitude with shield.

Panic Mesmer

Template code
You can take Mistrust or Cry of Frustration out for:

Chaos Storm Chaos Storm Needs micromanaging, as heroes won't always use it.
Shatter Enchantment Shatter Enchantment
Drain Enchantment Drain Enchantment


  • Survivor or Prodigy's Insignia, Vigor and Vitae Runes.
  • Domination Wand of Memory with "Aptitude not Attitude", Domination Focus of Aptitude with "Forget me Not".

Curses Resto

Template code

  • Icy Veins Icy Veins instead of Pain of Disenchantment if you face no enchanted foes (8+1 Curses, 10+1+1 Soul Reaping).
  • Mark of Pain Mark of Pain Micro this one.
  • Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Instead of Life.


  • Survivor Insignias
  • Vitae Runes
  • Either a 40/40 Restoration Magic set or defensive set. The hero will be holding PwK most of the time.

Orders Hero

  • Dwayna's Orders is recommended so this team build can have enough healing. However, should you feel that a ST Rit and a Necro Resto are all you need for your tasks, the Orders Smiter offers more damage to make things go quicker.

Dwayna Orders

Template code
You can take Blood Bond out for:

  • Mark of Fury Mark of Fury For additional adrenaline and cracked armor.
  • Imbue Health Imbue Health For a spike heal.
  • Eremite's Zeal Eremite's Zeal Extra energy.
  • Attacker's Insight Attacker's Insight Extra defense.
  • Watchful Intervention Watchful Intervention Extra healing.
  • Lyssa's Haste Lyssa's Haste Faster recharging enchantments.


  • Full Radiant, Blessed or Windwalker Insignias
  • 40% HCT Blood Staff of Enchanting. This hero will not work properly with a scythe.

Orders Smiter

Template code
Optional Optional slots for:

  • Mark of Fury Mark of Fury For additional adrenaline, and an extra source of cracked armor.
  • Jaundiced Gaze Jaundiced Gaze For stronger Order's skills.
  • Strength of Honor Strength of Honor For further melee support. Micro it.


  • Survivor or Blessed Insignias
  • 40/40 Blood Magic set

The Player

  • This team build works regardless of your profession.
  • If you are a melee player, make sure you deal physical damage to take the most advantage of what this team build has to offer.
  • If you are a melee player, you can optionally take out a melee hero to free up space. Here's interesting builds to take for that space:
    • Illusion Mesmer, especially if you do not want your melee heroes to take anti-melee defense.
    • SoS Rit, for spirits and an extra source of Splinter Weapon. Can also resto if needed.
  • There are skills you can optionally use further strengthen this build:
    • Great Dwarf Weapon Great Dwarf Weapon Cast it on dervishes first for AoE KD. Careful for not over-riding Splinter Weapon.
    • Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Cast it at melee range.
    • Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support For more melee. Godly with AP caller builds.
    • Technobabble Technobabble or Fevered Dreams Fevered Dreams For massive interruption thanks to your melee heroes.
    • Splinter Weapon Splinter Weapon For another copy.
    • Double Dragon Double Dragon, Stone Sheath Stone Sheath, Gust Gust or Mirror of Ice Mirror of Ice, for more melee support with an elementalist.
    • Strength of Honor Strength of Honor, Smite Hex Smite Hex and Smite Condition Smite Condition if you do not bring the Orders Smiter with yourself.


  • For melee: Set the heroes to Fight Fight mode.
  • For others: Set the heroes to Guard Guard mode.
  • Effectively calling targets prevents melee heroes from wasting too much time walking around.
  • Striking foes after they ball up leads to an almost-guaranteed quick clean up.