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Build:Team - 9 Hero Deep Heroway

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This build is in the testing phase.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This build allows three players to complete The Deep quickly and easily with little to no need for prior knowledge of The Deep. Although not required, using consumables is recommended.


  • 3 Asterisk.jpg/Asterisk.jpg Human Players
  • 1 Mesmer/Elementalist Ineptitude
  • 1 Mesmer/Ritualist Panic Mesmer
  • 1 Necromancer/Ritualist SS Heal
  • 1 Ritualist/Asterisk.jpg SoS Rit
  • 1 Necromancer/Monk MM Prot
  • 1 Necromancer/Ritualist SS Heal
  • 1 Necromancer/Paragon Blood Bond Shouter
  • 1 Necromancer/Ritualist SS Splinter
  • 1 Monk/Mesmer UA Heal


The players can use any build they want, but physical players are recommended. It is important that all three players bring some form of knockdown, e.g. You Move Like a Dwarf! and have at least 2 copies of recall for pads and to knock kanaxai down. Some recommended builds are shown below.












Hero 1 - Ineptitude

Template code

Hero 2 - Panic Mesmer

Template code

Hero 3 - SS Heal 1

Template code

Hero 4 - SoS Rit

Template code

Hero 5 - MM Prot

Template code

Hero 6 - SS Heal 2

Template code

Hero 7 - Blood Bond Shouter

Template code

Hero 8 - SS Splinter

Template code

Hero 9 - UA Healer

Template code

General Usage

  • Generally, you can c-space through eveything providing you used a full conset.
  • All Aspects of Kanaxai need knocking down at 75%, 50% and 25%, or they will no longer take damage.
  • Kanaxai requires a knockdown at 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% for the same reason.
  • Insidious Parasite, Empathy, Spinal Shivers, and Revealed Enchantment are used primarily for Kanaxai, disable them if they take too much energy.

General Equipment

Ideally all characters should have a cold weapon available to trigger Spinal Shivers on Kanaxai.

Room Specific Tactics


  • Player 1 should flag their heroes into room 1 (see here for room numbers).
  • Player 2 and 3 should flag their heroes where the team spawns.
  • All players should enter room 2 and unflag their heroes. They should then jump to you.
  • Clear the room and continue.

Aspect of Lethargy

When you reach the gate, do the following. It might look complicated, but it gets easy once you know what to do. See the following video on how it works:

  • Kill the group of Outcast that spawn in casting range on the far side of the gate before you open it.
  • Hold down your Shift key on your computer keyboard and click the Recall skill, and Shadow of Haste, on your 3 heroes' bars. You will see a red "cancel" sign over the 4 skills. The heroes will not use these skills unless you click them. Have all 3 heroes cast Recall on you.
  • Cast recall on any of your Spiteful Spirit heroes or your Ritualist heroes.
  • Flag your whole party to a point beyond the closed gate.
  • There are 2 pads to the left of the Fire Flower when you are standing on the middle pad, facing the gate. Flag hero 2 and 3 (which both have Recall only on their bars) on the left 2 pads.
  • Flag hero 1 to the far right pad. This is the pad that is in the far right corner of the Leviathan/Slowed movement room.
  • While you are standing on the pad, and have heroes 2 and 3 flagged on the left 2 pads and hero 1 flagged on the far right pad, do the following:
    • Manually have Hero 1 use Shadow of Haste. Shadow Arts should have any available attribute points, usually reaching level 2 or 3 Shadow Arts.
    • Flag Hero 1 onto the right pad closest to you. Hero 1 will have cast Shadow of Haste on the far right pad, then you flag him or her to the near right pad.
  • When Shadow of Haste ends, the Guild Wars game engine will think Hero 1 is on both near and far right pads. This means that all pads will be accounted for, with you on the middle pad, Hero 2 and 3 on both left pads, and Hero 1 on both right pads. You will see the gate open. When it does, you have to do things quickly, and it might take some practice to get the keystroke muscle memory down.
  1. Cancel all party flags. It is recommended that you bind flag party to a key and cancel party flags to a key. f5 to flag party and f6 to cancel party flags works. Navigate to the Control panel in Settings (default: f11 key).
  2. Cancel your Recall. This will warp you to your heroes who are standing at the gate.
  3. Cancel your 3 heroes' Recalls. This will bring them to the whole party.
  4. Re-flag the whole party forward. This will ensure they don't waste time casting skills or run around instead of running through the gate.

Aspect of Depletion

  • Kill the next outcast group and pull the Aspect with a longbow and kill it to stop the Energy Depletion effect. This will make it easier to kill the Outcast groups. As you run into the room, Nightmares will spawn in the Pad room and run to the closed gate. Do not aggro them, you do not need to kill them unless a party member got stuck behind the gate. In that case, kill all the Outcast, the gate will open again, and then you can go back and kill the Nightmares and res your party member.
  • Pull the remaining outcast groups around the cliffs one by one instead of killing them where they stand. Depending on how many casters are in your team, it might be easier to stand in aggro range of both outcast groups on the left and right, behind the cliffs, and let your casters kill the outcast groups. Sometimes, it can be hard to pull the outcast groups down around the cliffs without aggroing the other two groups (Outcast Deathhands might cast Death Nova on a minion of another group).

Aspect of Failure

  • In this room, spells cannot be cast.
  • Flag all heroes just outside the room.
  • One Player should run in and stand just underneath the rangers by the wall so they can't hit you. Wait until some of the outcast patrol's have agro then run back to the heroes.

Aspect of Fear

  • Players new to The Deep should run into the room and wait just before the first bridge. Groups will come from behind. Once they are all dead, continue through the room.
  • Players experienced in The Deep can ignore the groups that spawn from behind and just rush through the room.

Kanaxai's Chamber

  • Flag all heroes at the entrance of the room.
  • The two players with recall should use it on the third player, run to the left side of the room so Kanaxai runs to you. One should knock him down and end recall. The remaining player should wait, then knock him down as soon as he starts casting Nightmare Refuge. You should decide the order beforehand.
  • This should spawn a large group of sappings. Ignore them, head to the right side of the room and kill Kanaxai. Kill any sappings that are too close to the chest and collect your reward!