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Build:Team - AB Balanced

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This build is provisionally vetted Great pending more votes.

Through the PvX vetting system, it has reached an overall Rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0. The provisional rating is Great. If you have experience with this build, please rate it.

This build has been designed for the following use:

Balanced AB team


A standard team used by coordinated players in AB

Team Composition


Eviscerate Body Blow Disrupting Chop Bull's Strike Shock frenzy Rush Shield Bash


Crippling Shot Savage Shot Distracting Shot Apply Poison Natural Stride Lightning Reflexes Mending Touch Remove Hex


Mind Blast Immolate Meteor Rodgort's Invocation Optional Aura of Restoration Fire Attunement "Fall Back!"


Shard Storm Freezing Gust Winter's Embrace Blurred Vision Glowing Ice Water Trident Water Attunement "Fall Back!"


Word of Healing Patient Spirit Signet of Rejuvenation Guardian Draw Conditions Cure Hex Optional Optional


Template code


  • Sentinel's Insignia
  • 1 Stonefist Insignia
  • Vitae's/Superior Vigor

Crippling Shot

Template code



  • Brawler's Insignias
  • Vitae/Superior Vigor
  • Crippling & Poisonous Bows.
  • Defensive Set.


Mind Blast

Template code


  • "Brace Yourself!" (PvP) "Brace Yourself!" (PvP): react to Frontline KD's and Meteor.
  • "Make Haste!" "Make Haste!": make your monk untouchable.
  • Searing Heat Searing Heat: epic strong nukez.


  • Blessed Insignias
  • Vitae/Superior Vigor
  • 40/40 Fire and High Energy set.
  • Defensive Sets.

Water Trident

Template code


  • Blessed Insignias
  • Vitae/Superior Vigor
  • 40/40 Water and High Energy set.
  • Defensive Sets.

WoH Monk

Template code

First Optional

  • Shielding Hands Shielding Hands: For small prots, strong against Assassins and Dervishes.
  • Holy Veil Holy Veil: For better hex removal, strong against mesmers.
  • Spirit Bond (PvP) Spirit Bond (PvP): For large prots, strong when you have a bad frenzy warrior.
  • Infuse Health Infuse Health: For spike heal.

Second Optional

  • Return Return (Increase prot to 10+1 and DF to 8+1)
  • Shield Bash Shield Bash
  • Disciplined Stance Disciplined Stance
  • Balanced Stance Balanced Stance
  • Sprint Sprint


  • Disciples Insignias
  • Vitae/Superior Vigor
  • 40/40 Heal Set
  • 40/20/20 Prot Staff (use when casting Guardian or Holy Veil)
  • Defensive Set
  • High Set