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Build:Team - DoA Conta

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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

  EoC.png This build requires Consumables to operate properly.  

DoA speed clear team based on inflicting damage with Dark Aura and Contagion by transferring conditions between two enchanted necromancers. Time per run ~45 minutes.


"I Am Unstoppable!" Drunken Blow Headbutt "Save Yourselves!" Lightbringer Signet Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Recall
Seed of Life Shield of Absorption Martyr Balthazar's Spirit Lightbringer Signet "You Move Like a Dwarf!" Pestilence Edge of Extinction
Foul Feast Draw Conditions Contagion Dark Aura Masochism Ebon Escape Dwarven Stability Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom
Foul Feast Draw Conditions Contagion Dark Aura Masochism Ebon Escape Dwarven Stability "You Are All Weaklings!"
Signet of Agony "Finish Him!" Signet of Midnight Poisoned Heart Fragility Signet of Infection "Don't Trip!" Sympathetic Visage
Air of Superiority Arcane Echo Spell Breaker Shield of Absorption Lightbringer Signet Seed of Life Convert Hexes Blessed Aura
Burning Speed Infuse Health Ether Renewal Spirit Bond Aura of Restoration Ebon Escape Protective Bond Life Attunement
Burning Speed Infuse Health Ether Renewal Spirit Bond Aura of Restoration Ebon Escape Protective Bond Life Bond

paw*ned² template code

Paste this team build template code into paw*ned².

pwnd0001?download pawned2 @ | Copyright 2008-2018 Redeemer



Template code

  • Silencing spear for Headbutt.
  • Vampiric and Zealous swords.
  • High energy staff.
  • Strength shields vs. demons.


Template code

Contas (2)

Template code
Variable skill slot

  • Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom on one necromancer.
  • "You Are All Weaklings!" "You Are All Weaklings!" on the other.



Template code



Template code


  • 40/20/20 divine favor and protection prayers.
  • Shield set vs. demons.

E/Mo (2)

Template code
Variable skill slot:

  • Life Attunement Life Attunement on one E/Mo.
  • Life Bond Life Bond on the other.


  • 40/20/20 protection prayers.
  • Shield set vs. demons.


  • The warrior pulls mobs into balls, the team sets up conditions which the necromancers then transfer to deal damage. Everyone's kept alive by the E/Mos and Seed of Life.

Setting up a ball

  • No perfect balling required.
  • Use Spell Breaker chains if necessary.

Setting up conditions

Conditions on self

  • Headbutt uses Headbutt.
  • Frag uses Signet of Agony, Signet of Midnight and Poisoned Heart.
  • Martyr assembles these conditions on himself, so the necromancers can grab all conditions at once and start dealing damage.

Conditions on foes

  • Pestilence transfers them unto the necromancers, allowing them to deal even more damage.
  • Headbutt uses Drunken Blow for a random condition.
  • Martyr applies crippled with "You Move Like a Dwarf!".
  • The second Conta weakens foes with "You Are All Weaklings!".
  • Frag uses Signet of Infection on bleeding foes (Signet of Agony + Contagion) for disease and finishes a target next to a necromancer with "Finish Him!" for deep wound and cracked armour.


  • Prepare Edge of Extinction and Pestilence.
  • Prepare Contagion, Dark Aura, Masochism and Dwarven Stability. Dark Aura is to be used on the other necromancer.
  • Ebon Escape on the warrior.
  • Fragility on the foes.
  • Transfer conditions between the necromancers with Foul Feast and Draw Conditions.
  • Team members supply additional conditions for pestilence.


  • Assist the warrior with Spell Breaker for luring if necessary.
  • Maintain Protective Bond on the team.
  • Maintain Life Attunement on the necromancers.
  • Maintain Life Bond on the warrior and necromancers.
  • Seed of Life the life bond E/Mo to heal the team.


  • Consumables:
    • Conset.
    • Egg, Lunars, Popcorn, apple, cupcake (not on the war), pie.
    • Alcohol on the necromancers.
    • DP removal.

Exemplary Video

Spell Breaker PoV:

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