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Build:Team - Margonite Gemstone Farm

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This build is currently being tested.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build uses a Perma Assassin and a Life Barrier Bonder to tank and kill Margonites in the City of Torc'qua in normal or hard mode through the use of visage spells and the Anur Tuk's Famine spirits. This can be done with either another player, or using a hero bonder.

AssassinMesmer Perma Tank

Template code

  • If you're comfortable with only one copy of Visage you can take degen or a PvE skill to help kill leftovers.


  • Full Blessed Armor
  • Spear/Sword/Axe of Enchanting with +5 energy
  • Shield of Fortitude with +10 Vs Demons - such as the Aegis of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh or Aegis of Terror.
  • Enchanting staff preferably illusion for wanding down survivors.


  • Maintain skill Shadow Form, Shroud of Distress, and Great Dwarf Armor. Only cast Shadow Form with Deadly Paradox and "I am unstoppable!" active.
  • Group casters and paragons in a tight ball along the wall.
  • Drag melee to the ball and start maintaining your visages. Only have one active at a time otherwise the enemies might break.
  • Pick up drops

MonkRanger Life Barrier Bonder (Player or Hero)

Template code

  • If the tank is comfortable, Mending can be dropped and the Healing Prayers points can be put into Beast Mastery for a stronger EoE or another attribute depending on what skills you choose to bring.
  • If you are bringing a hero, do not bring any other skills that Target. The hero might walk away from your flag and try to cast it on the tank and grab agro.
  • Optional Optional:
    • Vital Blessing Vital Blessing
    • Strength of Honor Strength of Honor (For killing left-overs.)
    • Heal Party Heal Party
    • Mindbender Mindbender (For quicker placement of bonds.)


  • Max energy armor
  • High energy staff



  • Place all of your bonds on the tank and then cast balthazar's spirit on yourself. Be sure to use Life Barrier before Life Bond.
  • When the tank pings come into spirit range of the mob and lay down Edge of Extinction. Do not agro anything or attack any spirits.
  • Pick up loot.


  • IMPORTANT: Set hero to Avoid Combat.
  • Cast Balthazar's Spirit on the hero and then cast all bonds on the tank. Be sure to use Life Barrier before Life Bond.
  • When you walk forward and the hero is on the edge of the map, flag the hero inwards along the wall. (See Videos)
  • After the group is balled, flag the hero slightly closer so it is in spirit range but not agro range and cast Edge of Extinction.


  • In Hard mode finding proper placement for the spirit is key due to melee scatter.
  • Player or Hero bonder gets agro.
  • Tank gets KD while casting Shadow Form.


The first group with a Hero

The first group with another player

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