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   Dungeon Guide.png This is part of the Dungeon Build series, see Dungeon Guide for all Dungeon builds.  

Build for getting to the end chest in Oola's Lab quickly. Most teams do not use an Essence of Celerity.


Assassin/Paragon Spikers x7

Optional Shroud Of Distress Shadow Form "I Am Unstoppable!" Dark Escape Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Escape "Fall Back!"

Assassin/Necromancer Barbs x1

Optional Shroud Of Distress Shadow Form "I Am Unstoppable!" Dark Escape Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Escape Barbs


Template code

  • Deadly Paradox Deadly Paradox
  • Great Dwarf Weapon Great Dwarf Weapon - swap Ebon Escape for Death's Retreat.


  • Don't be a noob, chain "Fall Back!" with the other A/Ps.



Template code


  • 20% Enchanting Weapon
  • Shield with +10 vs Cold/Lightning


Floor 1

  • Run through the dungeon, avoid being stuck on Golems and Beetles - use EE to keep up with the group. Avoid any Spirits of Disenchantment in the frosted area. Head for the far South of the final room and use both "Fall Back!" and Dark Escape to lose aggro of the golems.
  • Head for the gate lock and kill the two golems there. Pull Xien with a longbow and kill him with Barbs + EVAS.
    • If the group sucks and you're all dead, pop a summon to help kill Xien.

Floor 2

  • Run through the floor, chaining "Fall Back!" and running along the Northern wall of the fire dart room.
  • Use Shadow Form before aggroing the shelk, and run to the far West end of the dungeon with the Malfunctioning Enduring Golem.
  • Killing the Imps along one side, one player should grab the Flux Matrix and charge it on the charging device and bring it to the Enduring Golem - wait until Shadow Form runs out then drop the Flux. Repeat until dead + collect key.
    • Stall the Enduring Golem with EVAS.
  • Run to the gate and zone.

Floor 3

  • Run to the far corner of the fire dart platform where the TPS Regulator Golem is, and use Barbs and EVAS to kill it.
  • Collect drops from Oola's Chest and gg.



  • Light of Deldrimor Light of Deldrimor
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom

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