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Build:Team - Urgoz Sinway

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This build is provisionally vetted Great pending more votes.

This build has received a provisional rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

  EoC.png This build requires Consumables to operate properly.  

Use permas to run through Urgoz's Warren and use Chaos Storm to kill everything. Complete in NM or HM in under 15 minutes.


Assassin/Necromancer Barbs

Shroud Of Distress Shadow Form "I Am Unstoppable!" Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Barbs Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Ebon Escape

Assassin/Elementalist Tank

Shroud Of Distress Shadow Form "I Am Unstoppable!" Armor of Earth Unseen Fury Heart of Shadow Optional Recall

Assassin/Mesmer Spikers x6

Shroud Of Distress Shadow Form "I Am Unstoppable!" Arcane Echo Chaos Storm Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Optional Ebon Escape

Assassin/Mesmer Vipers x2

Shroud Of Distress Shadow Form "I Am Unstoppable!" Arcane Echo Chaos Storm Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Viper's Defense Ebon Escape

Assassin/Paragon Fall Back x2

Shroud Of Distress Shadow Form "I Am Unstoppable!" "Fall Back!" Godspeed Heart of Shadow Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Escape


12 + 1 + 3
Template code


Template code

Spikers x6

Template code

Optionals (number needed marked)

  • Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom x1
  • "Finish Him!" "Finish Him!" x1
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Courage Ebon Battle Standard of Courage x1
  • Unseen Fury Unseen Fury x1
  • Wastrel's Demise Wastrel's Demise x1
  • Aneurysm Aneurysm x1

Vipers x2

Template code

Fall Back x2

Template code


  • Full Blessed
  • Non Element Modded Spear with 20% longer enchant
  • +10 vs piercing shield
  • Zealous Scythe of Enchanting


Urgoz Path Map

  • The A/E is the EE target. Please click the link above to understand the usage.

Room 1

Everyone loads in, cons are popped. Without casting any enchantments, team runs forward. The Tank will HoS off of a party member through the vampires, and everyone will EE to him. Run through the center of the room to the guardian serpent. EVAS him then put up shadow form (a/n use barbs). Run through once dead.

Room 2

Everyone should have put shadow form and shroud up by the time the gate opens. Run straight through and into the corner where the twisted bark is. A/E will HoS off the bark down below. Team EE's and runs straight to guardian Serpent. EVAS and Chaos storm until dead.

Room 3

Viper 1 goes to the Right gate lock and vipers 2 goes to left. Rest of team runs through the middle. Once gate is open, EE down and run through.

Room 4

Option 1 (safe): A/E runs up and tanks each wolf pop, followed by an EE and spike. at the end of the bridge, HoS through the vampires and kill the guardian serpent. Option 2 (not that safe): A/E runs through each Wolf pop. Everyone else arcane echo's EE and EE's after every pop. HoS through vampires and kill like serpent like normal.

Room 5

Run straight through, nothing to be killed here. Follow the path on the map.

Room 6

Run until you get on the bridge. To avoid popups, team stacks up against right side of bridge and A/E will hos onto the path leading to room 7 below. This spot is towards the end of the bridge. EE down and run until you get to the serpent. A/E puts recall up on someone, A/E waits before the bridge as team kills the serpent to room 7.

Room 7

This part is very important. Once inside, do NOT cross the bridge. There will be a million pop ups if you do. Team goes into right corner just before the bridge, Vipers 1 Hos's down towards the Serpent. Team EE's and Kills serpent. While watching the A/E's range, everyone exit the room and be sure to be on the bridge. A/E will then run into the room and recall out to join the party.

Room 8

Run straight to the Guardian Serpent and kill it.

Room 9

A/E puts up recall then runs in and pulls most wardens away. Run by the groups he is tanking without aggroing and kill the Serpent. Run through.

Room 10

A/E will grab the Thorn wolves and pull them against right wall so the team can sneak by. Take out your scythe's and kill the bats that will trigger the gate to open, but not the wolves. Once the certain pop ups are dead and the gate is open, run through. A/E should put recall on someone just before and recall out.

Path to Urgoz

Despite what the map says, go straight left. Kill that serpent. Run to the ledge once through, A/E hos down and EE to him. Kill the serpent blocking the gate to Urgoz.

Room 11: Urgoz

Enchantments dont matter here, as they will be ripped. Put up arcane echo before entering urgoz's cast range (its about 2 aggro bubbles, so be aware). Once the team is ready, run in, Chaos Storm -> Chaos Storm -> Evas -> spread apart. That spike should get him almost completely dead, for the remainder, just continue to move around and use chaos storm and evas on recharge until dead

  • Cupcakes are recommended for EVERYBODY
  • Bring res scrolls incase someone dies


  • Not using shadow form
  • Disenchantment
  • KD
  • Dying