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Build:Team - Voltaic Spear Farm

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This build is provisionally vetted Great pending more votes.

This build has received a provisional rating in the range from 4.75 to 5.0 and thus qualifies for the highest category of working builds: Great.

This build has been designed for the following use:

A PUG-friendly way to farm Voltaic Spears in HM. Uses a Perma Tank to pull groups to a wall, which disappears after the key groups are killed, allowing easy access to the chest for golds and a chance of getting a Voltaic Spear. It is also possible to do this with heroes.


Base Bars

  • Assassin/Elementalist Perma Runner
Glyph of Swiftness Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Dwarven Stability Dark Escape Mental Block "I Am Unstoppable!" Optional
  • Ritualist/Ranger Frozen Soil / Edge of Extinction
Optional Optional Optional Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom Rupture Soul Edge of Extinction Frozen Soil Flesh of My Flesh
  • Necromancer/Paragon 55HP BiP
Blood is Power Well of Blood Optional Optional "Never Give Up!" "Never Surrender!" "Make Haste!" Resurrection Signet

5x Damage Dealers

NOTE: These are just a few suggested builds. For better results, it is recommended that mostly Mesmer builds are taken to deal the most damage


  • Mesmer/Asterisk.jpgMesmer Echo Spiker
Arcane Echo Optional Arcane Mimicry Wandering Eye Cry of Pain Optional Optional Arcane Conundrum
  • Mesmer/Necromancer Keystone Mesmer
Symbolic Celerity Keystone Signet Unnatural Signet Signet of Clumsiness Signet of Sorrow Optional Optional Mantra of Inscriptions


  • Necromancer/Mesmer Necro Icy Spiker
Arcane Echo Icy Veins Putrid Bile Deathly Swarm Chilblains Optional Optional Masochism


  • Elementalist/Mesmer Elemental Attunement Spiker
Arcane Echo Rodgort's Invocation Teinai's Wind Optional Optional Optional Elemental Attunement Fire Attunement


  • Ritualist/Mesmer Explosive EVAS
Ghostly Haste Boon of Creation Explosive Growth Optional Optional Echo Arcane Echo Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support

Base Bars

Perma Runner

Template code


  • Heart of Shadow Heart of Shadow
  • Death's Charge Death's Charge
  • Swap Swap


  • All Blessed Insignias, Rune of Superior Vigor, 3 Runes of Vitae.
  • +20 Energy, 20% enchanting staff (for running)
  • +5 Energy, Zealous, 20% enchanting daggers (to maintain energy at wall and to attack Thommis to prevent him from running away)


  • Run to Slaver's Exile from Umbral Grotto.
  • When you enter, run around to the left and enter Justiciar Thommis' level.
  • Consume Alcohol. A cupcake will also help but is not required.
  • Cast all of your enchantments leaving Shadow Form as one of the last.
  • Run through the first group of dwarves to your left.
  • After you get past them, step behind the wall so that the rangers cannot interrupt you and cast Glyph of Swiftness or Deadly Paradox (depending on which variant you took), and recast Shadow Form when recharged.
    • You can also avoid interrupts from arrows by taking 2 steps to either side to dodge the arrows before casting Shadow Form.
  • Keep running hugging the wall to your left.
  • Once you start to gain aggro of the second group, cast "I Am Unstoppable!" or else you will get crippled.
  • Once you get through the door, cast Glyph of Swiftness or Deadly Paradox and recast Shadow Form as you did before. The rangers should not be able to interrupt you through the wall.
  • Run forward and try to grab all of the aggro around Justiciar Thommis' and head towards the wall where your heroes are (you just made a big circle).
    • It helps to walk sideways in order to keep their aggro.
  • Go to the corner →See Videos and recast all of your enchantments to survive.
    • If you see Thommis run to the wall instead of you, attack him with zealous daggers to prevent him from running away. Body block him into the wall if possible.
  • By this time, your teammates or heroes should be spiking the ball.
  • Once everything is dead and the wall is opened, recast your enchantments and pull all of the enemies away from the chest so your teammates can grab the loot. Once everyone gets the chest, run in for yourself.

Frozen Soil / Edge of Extinction

Template code


  • Xinrae's Weapon Xinrae's Weapon
  • Preservation Preservation
  • Spirit Light Spirit Light
  • Mend Body and Soul Mend Body and Soul
  • Vengeful Weapon Vengeful Weapon
  • Serpent's Quickness Serpent's Quickness


  • 40/40 sets for casting.
  • High energy staff.


  • Maintain Edge of Extinction and Frozen Soil during battle. Keep them out of casting range of the enemies.
  • As soon as the Perma Tank gets to the wall, run up and cast some restoration spells on them until they get a hold of their enchantments. Run back as soon as they are good.
  • Stay out of range of the enemies and use your optional skills to keep the team alive.
  • If a teammate dies, use Rupture Soul to remove Frozen Soil so they can be resurrected. Cast Frozen Soil as soon as possible so the enemies do not resurrect.
    • Frozen Soil can be safely removed after all Demolishers, Pounders, Marksmen, Warders (which carry Resurrection Signet) and Dreamers (which use Resurrection Chant) are dead.

55HP BiP

Template code

  • Well of the Profane Well of the Profane - Decrease Command to 10 and increase Death Magic to 8.
  • "We Shall Return!" "We Shall Return!" - Replace Resurrection Signet
  • Air of Superiority Air of Superiority
  • Breath of the Great Dwarf Breath of the Great Dwarf
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Honor
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Courage Ebon Battle Standard of Courage


  • Any normal armor set.
  • All Radiant Insignias, Superior Runes on each armor piece and the -50 HP Grim Cesta in order to have a total of 55hp.
  • High energy staff with +20% enchantments.


  • Upon leaving Umbral Grotto, use "Make Haste!" and Blood is Power on the perma tank.
  • As the tank is running to Slaver's Exile, and with your normal armor set on, pick any another team member and continuously cast Blood is Power until you die (this is known as saccing).
    • The Ritualist will resurrect you.
  • Continue to sac until you have -60 death penalty.
  • Switch over to your other armor set with the Grim Cesta, and you will have exactly 1HP.
    • With 1HP, you can continuously cast BiP with no penalty.
  • Once inside Slavers, run to the bridge with the perma tank. Cast Blood is Power on the perma tank while they are casting their enchantments.
  • Once the perma tank starts to run away, use "Make Haste!" and "Never Surrender!". Then head back to the others.
  • Once the perma tank has pulled around, continually cast BiP on all allies.
    • Be sure to stay out of caster range of the enemies. One hit will kill you. Only target allies (except for the tank) and use Blood is Power.
  • If an ally dies, quickly use Well of Blood to use up the corpse. Otherwise, enemy minions will be summoned on your side of the wall.

Damage Dealers

These are just a few suggested builds for each caster profession to use in VSF. Builds are grouped together by profession.

Mesmer Echo Spiker

Template code
First Option Slot:

  • Energy Surge Energy Surge
  • Panic Panic
  • Ineptitude Ineptitude - Drop Domination Magic from 12+1+3 to 8+1, and increase Illusion Magic from 8+1 to 12+1+3.


  • Unnatural Signet Unnatural Signet
  • Power Spike Power Spike
  • Clumsiness Clumsiness
  • Cry of Frustration Cry of Frustration
  • Air of Superiority Air of Superiority
  • "You Move Like a Dwarf!" "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
  • "Finish Him!" "Finish Him!"
  • Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
  • Technobabble Technobabble


  • 40/40 Domination set (if Domination Magic is your main attribute).
  • 40/40 Illusion set (if Illusion Magic is your main attribute).
  • Full Radiant Insignias.


  • Use Arcane Echo and your Elite Skill.
  • Use Arcane Mimicry to copy another Spiker's Elite Skill.
  • Cast Arcane Conundrum to slow the casting times of the enemy's spells.
  • Use the interrupt skills to deal extra damage and stop them from healing.

Keystone Mesmer

Template code

  • Any Signet
  • Air of Superiority Air of Superiority
  • "You Move Like a Dwarf!" "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
  • "Finish Him!" "Finish Him!"


  • High health set.


  • Maintain Mantra of Inscriptions and Symbolic Celerity.
  • Use your signets.

Necro Icy Spiker

12 + 1 + 3
10 + 1
8 + 1
Template code

  • Necrosis Necrosis
  • Air of Superiority Air of Superiority
  • "You Move Like a Dwarf!" "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
  • "Finish Him!" "Finish Him!"
  • Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
  • Technobabble Technobabble


  • 40/40 Soul Reaping or Death Magic set.
  • High energy armor.


  • Maintain Masochism.
  • Use Arcane Echo and Icy Veins.
  • Use Putrid Bile and Deathly Swarm to deal more damage especially when the target(s) die.
  • Use Chilblains as needed to rip 2 enchantments off of a group of targets.

Elemental Attunement Spiker

Template code

  • Liquid Flame Liquid Flame
  • Meteor Meteor
  • Incendiary Bonds Incendiary Bonds
  • Intensity Intensity
  • Air of Superiority Air of Superiority
  • Elemental Lord Elemental Lord (Kurzick)


  • 40/40 Fire Magic set
  • High energy armor


  • Maintain Elemental Attunement and Fire Attunement.
  • Use Arcane Echo and Rodgort's Invocation. While the foes are burning, use Teinai's Wind to interrupt their actions.
  • Cast other optional skills to deal more damage.

Explosive EVAS

12 + 1 + 3
Template code


  • Pain Inverter Pain Inverter
  • Air of Superiority Air of Superiority
  • "You Move Like a Dwarf!" "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
  • "Finish Him!" "Finish Him!"
  • Mindbender Mindbender


  • All Radiant insignias, 1 Superior Vigor and 2 Runes of Attunement.
  • High energy staff.


  • Maintain Ghostly Haste, Boon of Creation, and Explosive Growth.
  • Use Arcane Echo - > Echo -> Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support - > Echo -> Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support - > Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
    • On skill recharge, recast as many Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support as you can.
  • Use any Optional skills to finish them off.


  • Perma Tank fails to make it to the spiking location.
  • Minions spawn on the spiker's side of the wall.
  • Team fails to cause enough damage.
  • Ritualist and BiP come into the casting range of the enemies.


  • This farm can be done with heroes as well.
  • If the tank dies before they get to the spiking location, run back towards the entrance and wipe with the enemies over there. Otherwise, minions will be created from the team's corpses.


Solo with only Heroes