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Build:W/A November Enraged Smash

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This build is part of the current metagame.

The community has decided this build is in the current metagame and deserves to be stored. It has not yet received a rating through the PvXwiki vetting system.

This build has been designed for the following use:

All In flux version of the enraged smash hammer warrior.

Attributes and Skills

12 + 1 + 2
12 + 2
Template code

Fort Aspenwood Variant

  • Staggering Blow over Resurrection Signet, Heavy Blow over Hammer Bash.
  • Note that during Frenzy you can quarterknock with Enraged Smash↦Staggering Blow→Auspicious Blow→Heavy Blow.


Runes and insignia


  • Vampiric hammer of defense with "Strength and Honor".
  • Sundering hammer of defense with "Strength and Honor" for accumulating lord damage.
  • Elemental hammer of defense with "Strength and Honor" against warriors.
  • Furious or zealous axe/sword of defense with "I have the power!".
  • Furious spear of fortitude with "I have the power!" and
    • Strength shield of fortitude, -20% blind duration.
    • Strength shield of fortitude, -20% cripple duration.
    • Strength shields of fortitude, +10 armor against each damage type.


  • Use Enraged Smash frequently. Try to hit moving targets with it for great damage and the knockdown.
  • Use Auspicious Blow as often as possible.
  • Knock targets down with Hammer Bash for spiking purposes.
    • Use Lift Enchantment if the target is protted or has an uncovered attunement.


  • General anti physical.
  • Snares.

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