Build:W/E SWS Conjuring Sword

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This build is in the testing phase.

Please join the discussion and rate this build if you have experience with this or closely related builds.

This build has been designed for the following use:

A warrior build utilizing elementalist conjure skill to produce very high DPS. Ideally used with SoH for additional damage via a hero, e.g. using the 7 Hero BIP Melee support team build.

Attributes and Skills

Your attack skills gain 16% armor penetration.
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Optional.jpg Optional skills:

  • Whirlwind Attack Whirlwind Attack for decent AoE, combines well with Splinter Weapon Splinter Weapon
  • Asuran Scan Asuran Scan for guaranteed hits
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" to prevent KDs and Cripple, increase armor
  • "Save Yourselves!" "Save Yourselves!" for extra team prot if needed.

Optional.jpg Increase movement speed:

  • Armor of Mist Armor of Mist
  • Flame Djinn's Haste Flame Djinn's Haste
  • Storm Djinn's Haste Storm Djinn's Haste
  • Windborne Speed Windborne Speed

Conjure Frost Conjure Frost can be replaced with:

  • Conjure Flame Conjure Flame
  • Conjure Lightning Conjure Lightning
  • Strength of Honor Strength of Honor – if not provided by your team. Slightly increased damage output and energy consumption. Compatible with Mark of Pain.


  • Armor:
    • Survivor/Sentinel's Insignia, a Rune of Superior Vigor, a Rune of Clarity, and a Rune of Vitae.
  • Weapons:
    • Icy/Fiery/Shocking Sword of Fortitude +15%^50% and a Strength Shield of Fortitude (inscription as you see fit).


Maintain SWS and cast the selected Conjure spell before combat. Micro SoH on yourself from a hero.


Enchantment removal, blind/blocking (if not using Asuran Scan).

Low AoE if not using Splinter Weapon or Whirlwind Attack.


Changing the Conjure spell between Frost/Flame/Shocking as appropriate. E.g. use Frost vs Destroyers, and Flame vs. Plants.


  • This build offers very high DPS comparable with an unsupported assassin dagger spam build.
  • Best with a Dark Fury/Mark of Fury necro (see Build:N/any_Cultist's_Fervor_Orders, but note that Order of Pain will not work with elemental damage).