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Build:W/Me Hundred Blades UW Farmer

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This build has been designed for the following use:

The Hundred Blades Warrior uses the powerful AoE combo Hundred Blades and Whirlwind Attack to farm Smite Crawlers in the Underworld. Sympathetic Visage prevents Grasping Darknesses from interrupting you and Smite Crawlers from using Reversal of Fortune and Shield of Judgment. Physical Resistance allows you to tank damage effectively. The run can be as fast as 5-6 minutes with experience.

Attributes and Skills

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The Chamber

The Run

  • Once you have completed the quest, run along the right side to the open gate, being sure to break aggro with the three or four nearby Aatxes.
  • During the 2 seconds when Sprint is recasting, you can use Bonetti to protect yourself if any Aatxes get too close.

The Smites

  • Ball 2-3 groups of Smite Crawlers at a time.
  • Use the same techniques used above on the Grasping Darkness.
  • If a Smite Crawler casts Shield of Judgment, break aggro with Sprint, wait for "For Great Justice!" to recharge, and go again.
  • Try to pull as many Smites as possible, as you can kill 6 or you can kill 50 in the same amount of time. Watch out for Coldfires and Skeletons of Dhuum as they can kill you.
  • If a Dying Nightmare pops up, kill it so it doesn't strip Sympathetic Visage.
  • You can easily break aggro with any Skeletons of Dhuum using Sprint. Try to avoid Bone Spike by strafing.

A map that shows the patrol routes of Coldfire Nights and Skeletons of Dhuum.




  • Be patient and take your time to avoid patrols.


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