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Wrong information

You are providing wrong information here. Damage (Wastrel's here) makes them scatter, not Visage. At the first ball there is no reason to run around the house after you used Throw Dirt, you can just stay there and start casting Wastrels. On the second ball, you say "Move slightly to the left so you are not up against the wall but..." , these 2 things make me think you don't really understand the right wall block, read about it on the speedclear wiki ( Just some stuff you should fix, before other people get the wrong info too ZStepmother (talk) 19:46, 30 December 2018 (UTC)

Option Slots?

Perhaps note HoS as optional instead of Wastrel's Worry to provide some safety? If you know how to do this farm then you should have no problems with stucking, but for people that aren't that familiar with how the game works it might be good to have a way to get out of stucking easily?

Also, isn't this possible to do in 1 pull? Or is there too much damage this way? Pull the southside, let them all ball on you (take small steps so you don't get stuck) and then it's easy to keep them blinded. ZStepmother (talk) 10:00, 31 December 2018 (UTC)
Wastrel's Worry is what causes the scatter. Visage will not last long enough to kill everything with one wastrel's with no scatter. The Wastrel's Worry causes the scatter and when they scatter, they do not cast spells, meaning they are taking damage. Hence, the right wall block so they stay together. Therefore, I don't believe HoS is viable. You might be able do it it in one pull if you pay close attention to keeping them all blinded and are able to pull everything without breaking. Otherwise, you would take too much damage. Typhloman (talk) 17:20, 31 December 2018 (UTC)
Wastrel's Demise does not cause scatter... Typhloman (talk) 17:23, 31 December 2018 (UTC)
I have also thought about taking echo with wastrel's Demise, but you would run into the issue of Visage not lasting long enough to keep them from casting anything. The scatter is actually usefull as mentioned before. Also, I don't believe you would have enough energy for echo and a bunch of wastrel's. I also do not think throwing more points into illusion would solve the issue either. You would not be buying much more time and you would need to take the points from expertise or domination. Obviously, the Dom is needed for dmg. The expertise could probably drop a bit. Typhloman (talk) 17:31, 31 December 2018 (UTC)
HoS would be difficult as R/Me anyway - and going R/A would cost you your dmg, so I don't think it's an option ;) --Haquillo (talk) 20:56, 25 April 2019 (UTC)