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  • Very outdated incomplete guide that holds little value.
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This guide, covering the Midline of Guild vs. Guild, is a look at what makes up and what is the midline.


  • The midline is positioned between the backline and the frontline, as the name suggests, and can be made up of casters, Paragons and Rangers.
  • The role of the midline is to both support the party by using skills such as Heal Party and Wards, and to damage/disrupt the enemy with conditions, hexes, damage, and interrupts.

Attribute selection

One important thing about the midline is that you should NEVER spend any health on attribute runes. Survivor insignias are standard for the midline, or Radiant insignias may be acceptable on a particular build. Armor giving insignias (such as the Paragon's Centurion's insignia) are also acceptable.

Skill selection

As part of a GvG team, you will most probably be given a set build, or to use a build based on a few skills. Most metagame builds have variants to suit different styles, and the skills you select should be what is most effective for you and your team.

Remember, if you are not sure, to ask your party members for roles that you will be playing, because if you're ingame and get told a set command and you just completely ignore it, it's not going to end up too well for your guild, or your place in the guild, really.

There should always be 1 player in the midline with a hard resurrection skill. This is because the backline cannot resurrect as they are busy healing the party, and the frontline need to keep pressure on the enemy, and the flag runner is, well, off running the flag.

The midline is also responsible for stopping the enemy from causing serious harm. A Blinding Surge elementalist, for example, can Blind enemy frontliners, spike with Lightning Orb, and interrupt enemy casters with Gale. An Energy Surge mesmer can interrupt enemy casters, drain energy, and divert enemy skills.

So remember to make sure you choose the skills that are not just right for you, but are the best for the team.

Equipment selection

Midline equipment is fairly straight forward. Rangers and Paragons will have their weapons with Zealous, Vampiric and Elemental mods. Rangers will have a Poisonous Bow as well as a defensive set too. Casters will have a standard 4 weapon sets, 40/40 in one attribute, 40/40 in another attribute, a high energy set (30+2), and a defensive set (shield and spear).

Final Notes

That's the midline in a nutshell. If you'd like to learn more about the midline, ask some experienced players, observe high-level GvG matches, and visit Midline build pages and have a look at how they work. A good place to learn is by looking at a Great or Good rated GvG build, looking at all the player builds, and seeing how the builds compliment eachother into a good working team.