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Guide:GvG Warrior

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GvG Profession Guides

Warrior's Tasks

As a Warrior, your job is to both kill, and protect your backline.


Hammers are slightly less offense than an axe war but have better disabling and defensive ability. On a spike, as a hammer you have two options: Be on the monk or be on the target. Then if you are on the monk you can either be on the prot to stop their spirit bond or the heal to stop their infuse. Keep in mind your knocks can interrupt some powerful skills as well. You may not hit that fast but you can certainly get an aegis or diversion. One of your most important jobs is line backing. If your monks are taking too much pressure or your team is in a retreat, you need to knock the foes to deny them kills of opportunity.

Frenzy (also Primal Rage)

These skills are your best friend and your worst enemy. Frenzy is the best IAS for a non-hammer warrior. Warrior's are usually the most resistant to spikes out of your team with their large armor rating. However, one of the funnest and easiest things in GVG is spiking out a frenzy'd warrior. The rule of thumb for using frenzy or prage is to wait till you have the 4 adren for rush so you can cancel stance as soon as you see yourself getting spiked.

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