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Etnaran Keys is the Shallow Luxon map, representing a light push by the Kurzicks into the Luxon border after victories in Saltspray Beach.

The main focus in the map is the center Resurrection Shrine. It is very beneficial to your team to hold this shrine because of its central location. From the shrine it is only a short distance to all shrines except the mesmer shrine that is found just to the right of the Luxon base.

Alliance Battle Map
Map of Etnaran Keys

Etnaran Keys

Location Shallow Luxon
Environmental Effects none


Etnaran Keys.jpg

Control Points

Shrine Kurzick Side NPC Luxon Side NPC
Resurrection Shrine

Monk20 Kurzick Army Monk

Monk20 Luxon Army Monk

Elemental Defense Point

Mesmer20 Kurzick Army Mesmer x2

Mesmer20 Luxon Army Mesmer x3

Elite Elementalist Shrine

Elementalist20 Kurzick Army Elementalist x2
Elementalist24 Kurzick Elite Elementalist

Elementalist20 Luxon Army Elementalist x2
Elementalist24 Luxon Elite Elementalist

Elite Warrior Shrine

Warrior20 Kurzick Army Warrior x2
Warrior24 Kurzick Elite Warrior

Warrior20 Luxon Army Warrior x2
Warrior24 Luxon Elite Warrior

Melee Defense Point

Necromancer20 Kurzick Army Necromancer x2

Necromancer20 Luxon Army Necromancer x3

Resurrection Orb Shrine

Monk20 Kurzick Army Monk x2

Monk20 Luxon Army Monk x2

Seaside Attack Point

Ranger20 Kurzick Army Ranger x2

Ranger20 Luxon Army Ranger x2


None20 Kurzick Base Defender

None20 Luxon Base Defender

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