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New User Guide
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This page addresses the most common queries

Issues with other users

If you feel you have been treated unfairly by another user on PvX, you can report it on the Admin Noticeboard. To do this you should make a new section under 'General Issues' using ==={{IP|their user name here}}=== and explain clearly what has happened, including links if possible. An admin will look into it and take what action they deem is necessary. Remember that attacks against your builds generally should not demand admin attention, only those directly at you personally break the no personal attacks policy.

Note: If you want to keep any discussion between you and an admin private, a list of admins, and their contact e-mail addresses/MSN is available here (make sure to check if they're still active).

Build Issues

If you disagree with a vote someone has made on any build, you should to bring it up on their talk page or the build's talk page. Admins can remove votes which are factually incorrect or which lack reasoning; you can alert admins of these votes through the Admin Noticeboard.

Sometimes your builds will be WELL tagged, this is because something similar already exists on the wiki. You should not, under any circumstance, remove the tag from builds which you have authored. If you disagree with the tag you can bring this up on the talk page of the build in question and it may be removed.