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New User Guide
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You will see your username instead of 'Toraen'
  • What is a user page? A user page is a place where you can share information about yourself, your interests, in-game achievements, or anything else. Your signature and contributions will link here, so anyone who wants to know more about you will probably end up here.
  • Where can I find my user page? In the top right corner, you can find a drop-down menu. Your user page is the first option, just below your username. Click to reach your user page.


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Your user page is probably still empty, in this case the editor is automatically opened. If not, click the 'edit' button at the top of the page, second from the left in the right-hand side tabs.

Now you are editing your own user page! A few advices before you start:

  • While making your user page, you will probably want to see your progress. To do so, it is highly advised to use the 'Show Preview' button (instead of 'Save page'). This way, you can see what your page will look without flooding out Recent Changes.
  • Before saving your page, rethink whether you forgot something or not.


For those who have never made a User Page before on another wiki, it is advised to start with an existing template or user page. Either find a user page which you like the look of and copy-paste the code over to yours, editing it in the right parts to make it relevant to you. Alternatively you can use this exemplar User Page template, instructions on how to customize it for yourself are listed on the edit screen.

If you have made a User Page before on another wiki (such as GWWiki or GuildWikia) then you can copy-paste the same template here. Be careful to change internal links to external ones. You will need to re-upload any pictures you want to include on the page.

Once you become more fluent in how to edit these types of pages you can create your own designs.


Wikicode is a programming language designed for wikis.

Things that work

  • Most of HTML codes
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Things that don't work

You may find that some things don't work in wikicode. For example:

  • Javascript
  • Everything else.