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29 June 2007

Real Vetting has finally been implemented!

Builds have been categorized according to the Real Vetting policy standards. All previously favored builds can now be found under the Working Good category. There are also 2 new categories for working builds, those of Working Great and Working Other. We would kindly ask you to take your time to read our official build rating policy and we welcome you to rate builds.
In other news, due to PvX:DELETE, all unfavored builds imported from GuildWiki have been moved to the Trash category and will be deleted in two weeks time (that is, around July 14). This gives editors a chance to archive builds in their userspace or attempt to revamp unfavored builds. Any unfavored builds left in that category after two weeks will be summarily deleted.
One final note of caution. All builds that were in the Untested section prior to implementation are now in the Trial section which can be found here or for PvP or PvE respectively. However, builds should not be voted upon until they are in the Testing phase, so authors who want their builds voted upon need to move them manually to the Testing category. See here for details