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Notice - 21 December 2007


  • sendmail was installed. So now email works again as well as email verification and email notifications.
  • Script for automated update of skill database for pvxcode was made. Admins will have option to auto update skill db at any time without directly accessing server.


  • Cry of Pain: Image was added.
  • Template: Saving Template code function now gives filename correct name.
  • Skill db update to latest.
  • Rate on Admin noticeboard fixed.
    Now there is a link directly to the Rating page:
    Notice wiki/Rate/Build:N/Me

Build rating

Changes were made to build rating system to ensure that only real users can rate builds.

From now on, in order to rate any build you have to:

  • Make at least 8 edits before voting
  • Confirm your email address
  • Not be in blocked users list

If there is any problems - please report.